Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hottie Then and A Hottie Now!

Today I want to talk with y'all about the characters that we grew up with. Some of you know, I LOVE Jimmy Smits!  When I was a young girl watching L.A. Law,  he was the strong handsome crusader for lost causes.  As a girl growing up in the South let me tell you that I knew all about Lost Causes.  After all, I had been to the battlefield at Shiloh 500 times before I was twelve, but that is another blog altogether.  Back to Jimmy. I thought his character Victor Sifuentes, was the sexiest thing that I had ever seen.

Of course, back then I hadn't seen much.  Flash forward to this millennium, and I still think he is one of the hottest things that I have ever seen.  I have watched him as Detective Bobby Simone in Law and Order, a Senators from the far reaches of the Galaxies in Star Wars II and and III, and from Texas in The West Wing. He has has been sexy in every role.  I was stunned to see him in the this year's opening episode of Sons of Anarchy in his full glorious naked splendor. It was a view from behind but that was a gracious plenty for me.
I think that much of his continued appeal is because that I feel that  Jimmy Smits has continued to grow up with me. 
Is there a character in a book or movie that you admired when you were younger that you still find appealing?


  1. I remember Jimmy Smits when he was on St. Elsewhere. Or at least I think I remember him on that show. Very cool show! Though that was the last medical drama I watched.

    Character I loved and still love, Erik from Phantom of the Opera. I have all the movies!!!

  2. I loved Al Pacino in the movie Bobby Deerfield. It's a beautiful story and he played an admirable part. I still watch it every so often.

    William Devane in the movie "Yanks". Something about the man that he played in that movie was profound to me at 17. I watched that movie 19 times by the time it stopped airing on HBO. Loved it! I still watch it and see that same amazing whatever it is. I don't like how WD ended up in TV Dramaland as the bad guy all the time though.