Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RWA 2012

Sorry for the delay today.  We had a morning walk through TV Internet that took us to some alarming places before finally arriving at Okay, Listen Here.  I wish there were pictures, but you really don't want to see them.  (For realz!)  But here we are and your patience is admirable! 

We're here!  Woot! 

After Kathy getting three hours of sleep prior to leaving and me one hour, we made it to Anaheim all in in one piece.  There was a bit of country music entertainment on the plane via the cell phone I forgot to turn completely off.  MybAd!  And we're finding we lack a few things....we have the camera charging cord, but no camera (moO?) and the attachments to the hair dryer but no dryer!  (mooMOO?)  But alas, we are here, rested and ready to soak in as much workshop fun as we can!  Yay!  : D