Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Friday, October 28, 2011

Special Agent Kelly McQueen's Pecan Pie

We are very pleased to have Debby Giusti join us again today with a recipe from her upcoming book!

Debby will also announce the winner of a signed copy of her book from yesterday's blog in one of her comments!
Good luck everyone!

From Debby:

I’m back. This time with a yummy recipe that’s perfect for your Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations. But it comes with a warning…

We all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent Kelly McQueen, the heroine in THE CAPTAIN'S MISSION, tempted Captain Phil Thibodeaux with her Pecan Pie. Of course, the death of a soldier needed to be investigated, and what looked like friendly fire turned into something much more deadly. While Kelly solved the crime, Phil kept his eye on Kelly and her pie!

Special Agent Kelly McQueen's Pecan Pie


By Debby Giusti

1 cup corn syrup

3 eggs slightly beaten

1/8 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons margarine, melted

1 cup pecans, halves or chopped

1 unbaked, 9 inch pastry shell

Mix ingredients. Add pecans last. Pour into pastry shell.

Bake 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 and bake 30-35 minutes longer.

When pie is done, outer edges of filling should be set and the center slightly soft.

Captain Phil Thibodeaux fell madly in love with Special Agent Kelly McQueen immediately after eating her Pecan Pie.

Be careful when serving...could turn into love at first taste!

THE CAPTAIN'S MISSION, the second book in my Military Investigations series, is in stores now. The first book, THE OFFICER'S SECRET is still available. Both books stand alone and can be read in any order.

Eating Pecan Pie makes the stories even more fun to read!

Happy reading!

Wishing you abundant blessings,

Debby Giusti




  1. Oh, yum. Is there a better or easier treat? Looks like Captain Phil got a double dose of sweetness. I can't wait to read about it.

  2. Good morning, everyone!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog yesterday and making me feel so welcome.

    I've got a winner from yesterday's drawing for THE CAPTAIN'S MISSION.

    Playground Monitor won! YAY, Marilyn! Send your snail mail address to debby@debbygiusti.com, and I'll get the book to you!

    Hope you enjoy the story.

  3. I love pecan pie. This sounds like a fabulous recipe! Can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing with us Debby.

  4. HI Jean and Cheryl,

    The recipe is easy! I'm not a baker, and this pie comes out yummy every time!

  5. This sounds so good that I may try it this weekend! My daddy loves pecan pie and he may come to visit me on Sunday. This would make a great treat!

  6. Thanks so much to Debby for visiting with us, not only one day but two!

  7. I bet you've got a sweet Daddy, Stephanie!

    Enjoy the weekend. Hope the snow up north doesn't come south!

    Thanks, again, for having me on your blog!

  8. Thanks for the great recipe, Debby! We love Pecan Pie at my house. Will definitely try this one. ;)

  9. Hey, Debby!!! How fun to see you here! Your pecan pie recipe looks exactly like my mother's, so I can vouch for it and say that it is decadently delicious!!! HUGS!