Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, October 24, 2011

And They Lived HEA

I read and enjoy all kinds of genres, but I know without a doubt what brings me back to romance every single time—it's the Happily Ever After.

I wanted Rhett to come back. I wanted Romeo and Juliet to run away to Paris. I wanted Jenny Cavalleri Barrett to live. I wanted Daisy and Jay Gatsby to—well, I don't know what. Daisy didn't deserve anything. I guess I wanted someone to love Jay for who he was and not all his silk shirts. And just once, I'd like the Great Pumpkin to visit Linus in his sincere pumpkin patch.

Yet, I love all those stories. Recently, I was reading a wonderfully written book that I knew wasn't going to end well and I found myself thinking of what I was going to read next—the book that I knew would get me some surefire joy. I loved the book, but I knew when I finished I needed something that would make me laugh and cry, but—most of all—smile at the end.

Do you read different genres? What's your favorite?


  1. If it's a romance, I want it to end right - happily ever after. I tend to like horror and science fiction, especially Stephen King. His heroes (no one wants to be a hero in his books) always end up badly, say for instance in Tommyknockers. I liked that hero but he didn't make it. Oh, well, I think I just like being scared. LOL

    I liked Frank Herbert and the Dune books that he wrote (not the new ones) but there again, his heroes never had a good ending either. Hey maybe that says something about what I read.

  2. I read all genres except for horror. I am the biggest fan of contemporary romance, but I love funny chick lit, young adult, paranormal, urban fantasy, historical, and older books. Jane Austin, Wilkie Collins (yup--like the mystery genre), Willa Cather, anything by Robertson Davies (a Canadian author who is now dead--but well worth reading), Graham Greene....

    Steinback? Louis L'Amour? Yup. I am a book whore.

    But the stories I always go to when I want to be guaranteed a feel good ending? Romances--pure and simple contemporary romances set in small towns, urban environments, exotic locals, and other worlds.

  3. Chery and Christine--I think varied reading makes for a better writer.

    I guess returning to the cozy is what makes us romance writers.

  4. Sorry I've been offline everybody. Physical therapy makes Kathy a dull girl sometimes. LOL!

    Christine, I love Louis L'Amour's books!!! Graham Greene has written some awesome stuff but I've mainly seen his work on the screen.

    Cheryl, my son reads the Dune series. I've seen the movies and mini-series and love them. All this talk about Spice on the news lately, has had me laughing. (Though I know it's definitely not a laughing matter.)

    I'm so fond of Jane Austen, the Brontes, Edgar Alan Poe, Georgette Heyer, Stephanie Meyer, Lynn Raye Harris, Fern Michaels, Melanie Dickerson (can't wait for her next book, it's sexually suppressive!!), Vicki Lewis Thompson's werewolf series, Lexi George, tried and true favs Kathleen Woodiwiss and Julie Garwood. And not least of all these, my stash of pirate books I can't wait to read!!!

    Jean is right! Writers need to vary their reading choices. She and Stephanie have encouraged me to slip outside my historical box. I'm very happy with where I've landed. Thanks ladies!

  5. Like you all I love it all but I am always drawn back to the romance genre for just the reasons Jean talks about, the guarantee of the HEA.

    How funny that several of us really love Louis L'Amour. It is hard to beat that William Tell Sackett as a hero!!