Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Man with the Money

We are so excited to have the fabulous Lynn Raye Harris blogging with us today and sharing her recipe tomorow!  We have scheduled this blog to work with the release of her newest book not realizing at the time that Lynn would be out of the country in London when the blog occured.  (Lucky her!) Lynn plans to make an appearance at some point today, if possible.

Please, join us in welcoming Lynn Raye Harris visit with us under the tulip tree:

I’ve written twelve books for Harlequin since I sold in 2008, but this book marks my first time being asked to participate in an editor-driven continuity. Basically, what happens is that the editors brainstorm a set of stories that are connected in some way and then ask the authors to write them. The Notorious Wolfes (called Bad Blood in the UK) are a family of eight siblings – seven brothers and one sister. They had a crazy father. Seriously, the dude was awful. Check out this gorgeous video trailer that Harlequin made to promote the series.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to rush right out and read them all! Scandal, secrets, bad boys. Yum!

My brother, Jack Wolfe, is a loner. He’s also a risk-taker, and he usually gets what he wants. He likes high-stakes card games, though the rush he gets from them is only temporary.

Until he meets Cara Taylor, the croupier who deals him his latest winning hand. Cara has issues of her own. She’s trying to take care of her family back home in New Orleans, and her boss wants her to throw the game she’s dealing.

Things don’t quite go as expected, of course, and Jack and Cara suddenly find themselves on the run across France. I had fun writing this story. It was a challenge to write to someone else’s predetermined plot, but I still had a lot of freedom within the framework. I’m proud of the story that resulted! I loved Jack, and I thought Cara was a worthy heroine for him. I hope you’ll agree!

Here’s the back cover copy:

Jack…Red-Hot. Renegade. Restless.

Notorious gambler Jack no longer gets a buzz from the risks he takes at the card table. In fact it bores him. Until one night he wins more than he ever bargained for…

His prize is stunning Cara Taylor – she might be down on her luck but she certainly doesn’t need rescuing by a card-shark like Jack! Now she’s stuck with him she doesn’t know whether to love him or loathe him.

One lucky commenter today will get a signed copy of The Man With the Money!


  1. Welcome to the Tulip Tree, Lynn! It's always good when you stop by. Thanks for bringing that fabulous trailer along with you too. ;)

    As always, I'm excited about Lynn's visit here and her books. This one sounds like an adventurous, adrenaline-lined, ecstasy-filled ride to an HEA. Can't wait to read it.

    12 books! Have you already written that many at HQN Mills & Boon? Wow! It must be interesting keeping up with the pace of your schedule. How many books do you write a year? How do you manage to keep on task?

    What's coming up next? Did I hear you were writing another Italian hero?

  2. Oooo! I like this, Lynn. Wolfe is my mom's maiden name. Even it wasn't, I would still buy this book.

    12 books! WOW! Congrats!

  3. Oooh, looks good and I love those continuity series. Always makes me wonder what I would have done with the premise. Looking forward to the read.

  4. Hey Lynn! Thanks for dropping by today. I enjoyed the video. I am impressed. I am really looking forward to the series!

  5. Carla, my dad was born in Wolfe City. ;)

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Mia. I'm sure Lynn will post as soon as she can. ;)

  7. Can't wait! The only thing I love better than a LRH heroine is an LRH hero.

    Hope you're having a good time with your own personal hero in Rome.

  8. Hey, y'all! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! It just so happened that I could not make it on the day. :( Sorry! I'm in Rome at the moment, been on my feet in the Vatican all day, and off to London on Sunday. It's been fun, but exhausting. :)

  9. Lynn--Does the Pope know you're in town?

  10. Oh, Rome is definitely excusable, Lynn. ;) I'm so glad you're enjoying your travels and hope to hear all about Italy and England when you get home.

    And, I agree with Jean. Alpha heroes don't come any hotter than in LRH books.