Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Opening Up A Can of Whoop Ass

As you know we went up to be with my FIL during and after his surgery, and then to make arrangements for his funeral. Since we were staying overnight, we went to eat at a local restaurant which celebrates the mountainous region in both decor and Appalachian merchandise. It's a great place for down home atmosphere. You can get fudge in just about every flavor, mint, pistachio, hazelnut, caramel and so forth. Which is a draw for a chocolate lover like me.

The fare at this restaurant is, of course, indicative of the south, including, pinto beans, cornbread, corn fritters, ham, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, slaw and gravy.

The owners and waiters are extra nice and offer the kind of service one wishes to find at every restaurant. There are even log cabins to rent alongside. Some of you may have already guessed what this place is. If you guessed the Smokehouse in Monteagle, TN., you were right.

I adore the Smokehouse! Our niece and nephew had a double wedding reception there many years ago. It was a grand affair with over 5 different flavors of wedding cake. Yum! (I love cake!)

But what I really love about the Smokehouse is the southern cred it brings to heart. It is there, and only there, that you can literally open up a can of Whoop Ass without worrying about saying, "Whoop Ass!" ;) (Those who know me know how hard that is for me to do with the LTC around. Imagine his chagrin when I repeated the name of the item over and over again, while pointing at the can.) Pirate!

And so as an ode to my fellow southern friends here at Okay, Listen Here. I give you the ever valuable can to whoop about, in triplet.

Not to be outdone by a can of Road Kill or Stewed & Potted Possums!

(I failed to mention that I passed on buying a can of Butt Grease or that I brought back a can of Whoop Ass for each of my blogmates.)

A disclaimer: Said can of Whoop Ass may accompany me on excursions on the road, indoors or at home where I will say "Whoop Ass" to my heart's content. Pirate!

When have you wanted to open up a can of Whoop Ass? Do tell!

This message will self-destruct when my mouth tires of saying Whoop Ass.


  1. My first question is: what is inside the can? I mean, I understand the term but I am curious as to what the can actually contains. If I open it, will I immediately breathe in some type of miasmic air which will increase my already curmudgeonly nature making me a fearful force to behold? Pirate!

    Seriously, I would open a can of whoop ass on drive-thru servers. Number one because of their surly attitude (excuse me but I didn't make you get the job - if you're unhappy go back to school) and number two because they always get the order wrong (maybe they can't go back to school because they are too stupid)! I fondly recall Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon concerning his tirade on drive-thru windows. Inevitably, I get home, open the bag, only to find I have received someone else's order. That seriously tempts me to open the can! Pirate!

  2. OMG those cans are so funny. I have to go there and get some for gag gifts this year. Thanks for sharing your pictures and the story.


  3. Kathy, the cans are funny but the best part to me is that they are causing you to give in to your rebellious nature!

    Thanks for starting my day with a big smile!

  4. I am so delighted that that you are are being bad . . . er, ah I mean Pirate Kathy/ Doesn't it feel good?

  5. Whooooooop Aaaaassssss! There! Now you don't have to say it alone (although it's good to see you indulging your inner pirate). Hysterical!

    Indeed, a lovely can of Whoop Ass would make a fabulous addition to my desk here at work. Imagine what kind of havoc I could unleash! I could threaten errant spenders if they didn't keep their budgets in line. Hmmm.

  6. Cheryl, the cans are amazingly light considering they pack quite a punch. ;)

    Christine, they have many to spare. Load up and whoop it out! :D

    Stephanie, you know how rebellious I can be when warranted. Easy enough to do around friends who encourage that behavior. LOL! Yes, that means you!

    Jean, it feels soooo good! Unleashing the inner pirate after the calm can create quite a storm of fun. ;)

    Crystal, you know how much I love to say Whoooop Aaaassss! Go, girl! I think a can can and will be found for just that purpose.

    I'm so glad you all got a kick out of my cans of Whoop Ass. Savvy!

  7. Kathy!
    My husband and his tennis partner bought the T-shirts for a tennis tournament! Whoop ass is a fine attitude to kick off the day.

  8. Hi Christian! Thanks for popping in. ;)

    LOVE the idea of T-shirts for tennis that showcase this motto. My youngest two played tennis all through HS and we love the sport. So I can definitely imagine this on the court. LOL!

    And you're right. Whoop Ass is mighty fine indeed!