Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Harry Potter and Unexpected Heroes

Spoiler Alert. If you haven't seen the new Harry Potter movie you might not want to read further.

Really, I think that spoiler alert is pointless. I am probably the only person in America and the surrounding areas who did not know what was going to happen to bring the Harry Potter saga to a close. The shame of it all. I have not read all the books. In fact, I've read only the first one and listened to the next three (unabridged) in the car. It has taken a while. I love listening to them and I plan to finish. It is going to take a while longer.

But this doesn't mean I wasn't invested in the characters, the world, and the story. In fact, I will never get over Dobby's death. I think I'm not supposed to. I have this to say about the finale: What a wonderful ending to a fabulous ride.

What I loved most were the unexpected heroes.

  • Luna—who made Harry listen when he didn't want to and pointed him in the right direction.
  • Neville Longbottom—who has always had my heart. If killing the snake wasn't enough, he made a speech that made me cry.
  • Mrs. Weasley—who had lost so much that she deserved her moment—and what a moment it was. I'm sure even Bellatrix would agree.
  • And the most unexpected hero of all—Snape. Some might say he was redeemed. I don't think so because, turns out, he never needed redemption. I want to re-read, re-listen, and re-watch so that I can look at him in a different light.

Have you seen it? Did you love it?


  1. Yes and yes. :-) (You have to finish the books, Jean!)

  2. I love Snape!! A beautiful love story in a paragraph. What a great hero. My daughter is HP Generation girl. She grew up on the books, dressed up as Lavender for the midnight opening, went to the party at B&N. Her friends all did. She also is on the POTTERMORE web site now. She is one of 1 million who will beta test it for the world.

    Rhonda's right. You have t finish the books!!

  3. If you loved the movie, you're really going to love book 7. The final battle in books 7 is so much more powerful and moving in the book :O)

  4. I agree with Lisa entirely. If you like the movie version, the book will have you in tears. There are slight changes from the film that make it, in my opinion, even more powerful. I love what the filmmakers did to adapt it.

  5. I stopped somewhere around book 3. Life got in the way, but I've always intended to finish them at some point. Hubby has read them all, but I made him keep silent on everything so I could at least be in suspense at the movies. We watched the 3 we hadn't seen during the week, then went to the movie on Saturday.

    I wailed! I cried! Oh Snape! I love Snape (more to the point, I love Alan Rickman) and I was always certain in my heart of hearts that he was good and all would be explained. I just couldn't believe he was bad, not once, no matter how bad it looked for him. I had faith in him to the bitter end. And I cried all through his memories.

    As a viewer who hasn't finished the books yet, I did feel like some things weren't quite explained well enough and got short shrift in the movie -- but I know they'd make more sense if I'd read the books. Which I will do one of these days.

  6. Loved the books, loved the audiobooks, loved the movies. :) I think Jo single-handedly rejuvenated the children's/YA book market, and for that I'm eternally grateful as both a writer and a reader.

  7. Lynn, that segment with his memories was so powerful and poignant. So much told in a few images, and my heart broke for him.

  8. No and can't say. I did read the books and toward the end I kind of lost my enthusiasm. I didn't want things to end as they did.

  9. Well, I am almost ashamed to admit this but I haven't read the books or seen any of the movies past the original one.

    I did gather that the ending is pretty traumatic!

    This post and y'alls comments sorta make me want to go back and at least see the movies.

  10. Jean, I tried to post from my phone earlier today and couldn't do it. Blast you, blogger! (Sorry for the rant...)

    I've seen all the movies. Have them here at home, well, all that have been sold on DVD so far.

    I'm with Christine and Lynn. I cried through half the movie, knowing the pain Snape was going through. He has been a hero throughout the series, one I recognized early on. So much so, that I demanded my kids, who'd read the books, to tell me exactly what Snape's story thread meant. When I learned of it, I sighed. I knew he had been created for something noble, heroic and just. And I knew Harry held a place in his heart, and that he would never let any harm come to him. Harry was the child, Snape should have had.

    Oh, the delight! And to see Snape's character acted with such power! Alan Rickman, you're a genius, as always. ;)

  11. Rhonda, Christine, Lisa, Gretchen, Lynn, Trish, Cheryl, and Stephanie, these stories will last for all time.

  12. Hi, ladies! I adore Alan Rickman. I love dark, tortured, heroic characters like Snape. I didn't get past the beginning of Book 4 (it was too scary, lol!), and only saw movies 1-3. But I suspect someday I'll read them all and see them all. It's been really interesting experiencing Pottermania from the outside, and kind of fun in a voyeuristic way. ;)

  13. Hi all--

    You have convinced me. I must read them. I have always intended to. I love audio books, especially on long trips, but there's nothing like reading.

    I have them all, of course. The Guy reads everything. When I got ready to read the Twilight books, there they were on the bookshelf. Of course, there's a loot of Jordon and Butcher out there too.

    I really want to see the movie again--right now.