Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kimberly Lang Visits the Tulip Tree

We are very pleased to have Kimberly Lang visiting with us today.  Here are some comments by Kimberly about her new book to get us started.   I know everyone will be as excited as we all are to have her here and find out about her upcoming release! 

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for a recipe by Kimberly for Recipe Friday! 

And now lets see what Kimberly has to say:

This is my first official visit to the Tulip Tree. I sometimes appear in the comment tail, but a front page spot? ~preens~ 
Thanks for having me, y’all!

So, I’m officially here to talk about my new book, The Privileged and the Damned, out this month from Harlequin Presents.  I’m very excited that this book is on the shelves.  It’s the first book in my trilogy about the Marshall brothers, and I’m totally in love with these boys.

I’ve never set out to write a series of connected books before.  I did go back once to revisit a character from a previous book, but I didn’t plan to write the second book when I wrote the first.  This time, I went in with the idea of having the same characters appear in all three books.  It was a challenge for me to set up characters for two future books without having that overshadow the story in this book, and since I fell hard for the Marshall brothers, it was tough not having them take over the entire thing! I also had to set up an entire family, with a past and present and plans for the future, which is the closest to world-building I’ve ever come. Sometimes I felt like I was trying to do way too much within such a short book.

The Privileged and the Damned is Ethan’s story.  He’s the middle brother, a bit of a playboy who falls hard for Lily, a girl who works in his grandparents’ stable who has a secret past she’s trying to escape. This story is a little more emotionally complicated than I usually write, so it was another challenge to face.

There were many times when I looked at my computer and wondered aloud if I’d bitten off more than I could chew.

In the end, though, I’m really pleased with Ethan and Lily’s story.  In December, the oldest brother, Brady, meets his match in The Power and the Glory.  And early next year, the youngest brother, Finn, brings the whole series to a close with his story (which is still so recently finished I don’t have a title or release date yet).

So, my first foray into family sagas feels successful, and I hope that readers enjoy this family and these brothers as much as I did.

Are you a fan of the family saga? Do you like getting that deep into one setting and one group of people? What about the cameo appearances of characters in the other books?

You can pop over to my website (www.booksbykimberly.com) to read an excerpt of the first chapter of The Privileged and the Damned (which contains Ethan and Lily’s first meeting. And, honestly, that’s my favorite first meet I’ve ever written.) and find out more about the Marshall family.



  1. Kimberly, so glad to have you with us today! I am excited about the new book! I will have to run out today and get it. You know you had me at "horses"... I am so impressed that you are doing a trilogy. It must be very hard to keep all those facts straight from one book to the other. How are you doing it? What do you do to keep the information available for you to refer to?

    Oh, and Congratulations on being a Maggie Finalist! We, under the Tulip Tree, are so Proud of you!!

  2. I love family sagas. I can only imagine how difficult it is to manage all the family info. I'm with Cheryl -- how did you do it? I'd have to have a large project board with everyone listed so I didn't call a brother's wife by the wrong name or change their eye color mid-book. Oh heck, who am I kidding? I can do that with a single book. LOL!

    Kudos for tackling this and succeeding!


  3. How exciting to hear about your latest book and the trilogy! And congrats on being a Maggie finalist! I'm so happy for you!

    I love world-building and immersing myself in the adventures of a group of characters over several books. Their world soon becomes mine, and I can still see it long after I close the book I'm reading or exit the book I'm writing.

  4. Cheryl, I owe you big-time for all your help with the horse info. Many thanks!

    Marilyn and Cheryl --
    Trick one for me was to make sure all the Marshalls strongly favored each other. Green eyes and dark blond hair for everyone!! ~grin~ But I did double check each manuscript to make sure I had the right names in the right places!

    And thanks for the Maggie congrats! It's always an honor to final in something.

    Crystal -- world building is something I struggle with, but I love getting lost in a world someone has built well!

  5. Congratulations, Kimberly, on your trilogy and being a Maggie finalist! I love family sagas and all the dynamics. I look forward to reading about the Marshall family. World building is fun but can be frustrating for me, espcially when I 'accidently' have the hero's lover in bed with another male...yeah, not good. Anyway, big kuddos to you!

    JD :)

  6. I love connected books. I love to see character that I hated in the beginning, redeemed. That takes real talent. I think that's why my "go to" reads are historical series--though I have no interest in writing one.

    I don't love it when an author doesn't know where to stop. There is no magic number. Julia Quinn did all those Bridgerton books and their offshoots and it never got old. Still doesn't. There was a Bridgerton cameo in her latest.

    But sometimes, you are 8, 12, 15, 147 deep into a series and you can tell that, either the author is over it, or she is so in love with the early characters that she just can't let the new ones come into their own. Yet, usually, I read on because I want a glimpse of the offspring of the hero and heroine from the 3rd book.

    I digress. I think three is an entirely safe number. I look forward to them.

    I hope the heroine doesn't step in manure in that stable.

  7. Congratulations on your Maggie final, Kimberly, and welcome to the Tulip Tree!

    I love the world building an author sets up in a series. Stories seem well-grounded when they are done this way, with backgrounds, trumoil to overcome, the loyalty that follows each character. And as Jean mentioned, the ability to redeem a character who grows through the series.

    Wishing you the greatest success with these books!

    What's up next for you?

  8. JD -- yeah, that wrong name thing is a bummer. (I actually dated two brothers once upon a time, and they did not like to be called by the other's name even when the lights were on!)

    Jean -- The Bridgertons are the bestest family series ever. Period.

    Kathy -- well, I'm really looking forward to the release of each Marshall book so I can share this family with the readers. For me, though, now that the last book is done, I have to figure out what to do next and I really don't know yet!

  9. Thanks for sharing a spot with us under the Tulip Tree today, Kimberly. ;)

    Hey everybody, don't forget to go out and get Kimberly's new HQN Presents book, THE PRIVILEGED AND THE DAMNED, this month!