Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bobbleheads Jiggle & So Do I

Testing... Testing... (Tap. Tap. Tap.) Is this thing on? It is? (Head shake answer. Is that a yes or a no, I can't tell. My head is moving too.)

My name is Kathy and I feel like a Bobblehead.

Voices in my head speak to me randomly in the shower. (Caviot: These are not psychotic but equally as distracting.) And, is always the case, they rally when I'm in a place I can't write the ideas down.
Just to prove who's in control, little worker bees buzz round shoveling coal into the cogs to keep me on task at work. While oftentimes giving me just a hint of a scene or idea I cannot react upon.
Bobbling head... bursts into cheerleader mode when family needs beckon to be addressed, the phone rings, and deadlines approach.

Little feet dance upon brain cells to convince me Bobblehead syndrome is a reaction to the inner music playing in my head. (Cue Eminem... I Need a Doctor.)

Sometimes it takes Super Girl strength to resist the minion and keep me on task when head bobbing seems to make others believe I'm agreeing to whatever they say.

Other times one must control the control freak when thoughts scatter from this subject to that, so much so that one can rarely capture a fully-shaped thought. (Ouch! I'm sorry but your whip makes me nervous! )

Gads! A call to the clergy might be in order.

Or possibly the good fairy! She might bring sweets. ;)Or a doctor to remedy said wiggle and recommend stabilization.

Bobblehead, the act of head wiggling with no apparent purpose, might be a simple lack of sleep or too much sleep or not sleeping well. What if the spasm above the neck begins and ends with rem sleep, as someone just suggested to me not too long ago? Apparently, if a person spends all their time in rem sleep, the brain never rests. Heavens, am I to believe that Bobbleheads even wiggle at night?

By George! My affliction might not stem from taking on too many tasks at once, or being chastized for not reacting to my characters' commands or not reacting to situations the way other people desire. The annoying habit of jiggle head might stem from dreaming... wanting more than you are given or worrying about never receiving your dreams at all.

Blasted shaking... perhaps a drink to ease the dizzyness?

Whatever the case may be, my head is jiggling these days on a not-so-steady neck. I've been to the chiropractor for months and can't find relief.

Always remember, when all else fails, call in a Jedi. (Works for me!)

How do you keep your head from spinning?

Bobbleheads courtesy of Bobblemaker.com where you can create a custom bobblehead of your own or someone you love as a gift.


  1. Too funny! I have not yet discovered what to do to keep my head from spinning. Perhaps some day . . . .

  2. Also--I want to know how long you fooled with those bobble heads yesterday? How many have you ordered?

  3. It's amazing, isn't it, Jean?

    Seriously, do you mean to tell me you have no list or helpful hints on how to prevent this syndrome? Dig deep, my friend. Entertain us! ;)

  4. If you're a musician, race off to the piano and belt out a little blues. If you're a gardener, hurry outside and behead a few weeds. Or eat chocolate. That always helps. :) Good luck, Kathy.

  5. Superglue.

    Must go check out bobblemaker.com.

  6. I love bobbleheads, just not when it's my own that is shaking back and forth. I cope by (no old lady remarks) crocheting. I know, I know, but the repetitiveness calms me down. I also talk to my characters and ask them to shut up unless they have the rest of the scene finished for me. LOL

  7. I LOVED all the bobble heads! They are so cute.
    I don't know if it helps me cope but when I feel like a bobble head I try to just focus on one thing at a time!

  8. LOL! Y'all are too funny. ;)

    Peggy, those are good ideas and a great help on distracting oneself from life's troubles. I adore the chocolate idea! My ultimate favorite escape!

  9. Playground Monitor, now we're talking! Superglue has been known to affix a great many things. Perhaps that would work on my neck. ;)

  10. Crocheting is a great way to unwind, Cheryl. I love knitting and quilting. It keeps me grounded, especially while I'm watching football.

  11. Those bobbleheads are cute, aren't they Stephanie? ;)

    Thanks for the advice. Taking things one at a time is the best way of tackling whatever is in your path. Kind of exorcises the moth fluttering throughout the brain. Lists are great about helping clear the head too.