Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break

I am very, very, very happy to report that I am on Spring Break this week.  It has been productive so far.  I have eaten 45,000 calories  in four meals with friends.  The visits have been GREAT!!! 

I have done some work for Romance Writers of America. I have read some blogs and written one. I have done some industry research.  Pantster and I have plotted on our work-in-progress.  All in all it has been nice to have a chance to relax and catch up on things like sleep, surfing the internet just for fun and visiting with folks I don't get to see often enough. 

 I am enjoying Spring Break as an adult much more than I ever did as a child which made me wonder about how others remember Spring Break in their childhood.  
What is your best Spring Break memory?


  1. My most memorable one had to be the one where we had tornado warning every day and my mother kept me underground the entire time in the facility my daddy built in order to keep her sane and keep him from having to drive across country in the middle of a storm to go to my Great Aunt Bessie's, who had a an honest to goodness fallout shelter from the 60's. Aunt Bessie was even more afraid of storms than my mother.

    Wait. You wanted my best memory, not my most memorable. Well. That's the way of it. You give me a directive and I deviate. You should be used to it.

  2. We didn't have spring break when I was a child. First I ever heard of it was when we moved here and my son started school. Then it was called AEA week because that's when the AEA met. In college, I was on the quarter system, so our spring break was actually the break between winter and spring quarter and we called it quarter break. I never went "Where the Boys Are." I'd just go home between quarters.

    We did take a few trips with our kids on their spring breaks -- once to the beach and another time was a day trip to the Tennessee Aquarium. I'm sure there were more. My memory is faulty.


  3. Pantster, you are correct I am used to it. I am surprised that y'all didn't have a family Bell Shelter to protect you from flying dinner bells!

    PM, ahhh, yes. It used to be called AEA week and every school in the state got out at the same time. Those trips sound like good memories and now you can look forward to Spring Break trips with your beautiful grand-daughter!