Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To. . . .

Kathy, your usual Wednesday blogger, is out of pocket today so this is coming to you from Jean. Kathy will check in with you soon.
I know everyone else who wanted to blog about the Oscars probably already has. I probably should have. Technically, I could have done it Monday, except I'd have had to get up at five o'clock in the morning. That time of day, I only have about two thoughts to rub together, one of them concerning coffee. So this is your Oscar report. I don't have much credibility but I am allowed to hold forth anyway because I have a blog.
I love the Oscars. I used to try to see all of the movies nominated for best picture but I rarely accomplished it. And that was back when there were only five. Now that there are ten, I don't even try.
It was purely by accident that this year I had seen four:
The King's Speech—Loved it. Was pleased that it won.
The Social Network—Loved it. Would have been pleased if it had won.
True Grit—Liked it. Don't think it would have made the cut in a five nomination year.
Toy Story 3—See above.
I'd like to see:
The Black Swan—I have some interest because I am related to some very good dancers—so good they've danced at the Kennedy Center and gotten money for it. These relations come by marriage, of course. The Guy's pedigree is more cultured than mine.
The Kids are All Right—I like Annette Benning and Julianne Moore.
I do not want to see:
The Fighter—I don't care for boxing. It just seems so sweaty. Every time you see boxing, sweat and blood goes flying whenever someone gets hit—which is often because this is boxing and that's the point. I'm sure there is plenty of sweat and blood in my sport of choice, football, but it is covered up by a helmet.
Inception—From what I understand, this is about a dream within dream, within a dream, and on and on. I try to stay away from the surreal. It comes from watching Vanilla Sky and Mulholland Dr. with people who were blissful at having just viewed what they saw as cinematographic genius, while I didn't understand a blame thing going on.
I had never heard of these before Oscar Night and I don't remember what they are about:
127 Hours
Winter's Bone
Now let's talk about fashion.

Apparently, I have no taste. This should not come as a surprise to me since I mostly dress myself by pointing and clicking in the clearance sections of Lands' End and Eddie Bauer. Everyone who knows everything about fashion disagrees with me but I thought Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchet had beautiful dresses

Did you watch the Oscars?


  1. I didn't watch the Oscars. I really don't see many movies at the theatre. It just seems to me that there aren't that many out there which interest me. My son did see "The Black Swan" and he said it was horrible - too crazy. Don't know but from his review I won't see it. As for True Grit, well no one can top the Duke. I would like to see the King's Speech but I would have to see it alone because I am sure hubby would hate it. I don't know anything about the Social Network so no comment. Guess I am old and outdated because nothing appealed to me this year in the movies.

  2. Missed the Oscars and haven't seen any of the movies mentioned. Teasers for "The Black Swan" intrigued me, but I probably won't see it. I usually like to watch the Red Carpet extravaganza, but I missed that, too. Oh, well...maybe next year.

  3. I really didn't like Cate's dress, but I thought Nicole's was okay. Loved Sandra Bullock's dress though! So classy. Out of that whole list, I've only seen The King's Speech and Inception. I don't really much care if I see the others or not, though I would kind of like to see The Social Network. But I'm so sick of those damn FB people messing with my profile pages that it'd probably make me madder. ;)

  4. I just watched snippets of it. I don't think I've ever watched the entire show. After a while those thank you speeches and all that gushing gets boring.

  5. I watched most of it. Like Lynn, I didn't care for Cate's dress. I thought it looked like an apron with a bib.

    I haven't seen a ton of the movies lately but I would really like to see The King's Speech.

  6. I agree with Patricia - it gets boring. I like the dresses the best, so I just look at them online later.
    I agree with Stephanie on the dresses. I didn't like the top of Cate's dress. I loved Nicole Kidman's, though!
    The King's Speech was great - I saw that. Just a good movie to see, and I learned a little bit of history.

  7. I watch the Oscar's every year. ;)

    I don't always get to see all nominated movies, but I love to see the fashion and jewelry parade on the red carpet. I'll even watch the pre-show carpet walk. And yes, I'll watch it from beginning to end. LOL!

    In my opinion, awards shows are a great way to see actors as they really are, with spouses, parents, sisters/brothers and so forth. Surprises do happen!

    I've heard so many great things about The King's Speech and True Grit. My daughter saw The Black Swann and said she had to block her eyes for much of it. She said it was disturbing, but I think it was the disturbing look into the disintegrating life of a ballet star anyway. I've seen Inception. Fabulous!! It really deserved awards for editing and sound. Alice In Wonderland was uber cool and deserved awards for design and costume.

    Nicole Kidman's dress did not flatter her figure. The dress pulled down on her bosom and the blocked waistline did nothing for the dress. Mila Kunis was exquisite in purple lace. Cate Blanchett can wear anything and make it look good. Reece Witherspoon looked like retro-Barbie, Sandra Bullock sparkled perfectly in red, and Ann Hathaway was a hit with all her fashionable designs. Natalie Portman really pulled off her purple but I felt she wasn't felling well at all Oscar night.

    And now you know I watch too many award shows...

  8. Cheryl--I loved the first True Grit. In fact, it's just about my favorite movie. But I've got to say, this was was great. It was just different. According The Guy, who's read it, it was truer to the book.

    Crystal--That's the thing with award shows. If you miss one the next one won't be much different.

    Lynn--I feel your pain. If I had skills I start a computer company called, "Well Enough Alone".

    Patricia--Oh, I don't listen to the speeches. I read and work crosswords. I admit I sometimes get embarrassed for some nobody who thanks every person he's ever seen on the street.

    Stephanie--Lanie is going to wear that very dress to marry Luke in. We can't stop her.

    Michelle--You have to see The Social Network. You would love it.

    Kathy--Well, well, well. Little did I know there was another Oscar groupie in the room. We should watch it together next year--if we can mange not to argue about Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie. By the way, according to this month's Vanity Fair, Jennifer made more money than Angelina last year.

  9. I watched them this year and loved all the dresses (not a fan of the hankerchief dress). I thought the entire show was well run and blissfully on time.

    Thanks for the review!

  10. Christine--Yes, it was one time. They must have threatened to kill anyone whose acceptance speech went on too long. Have you noticed that it's always the winner of "Best Snacks Provider for a Foreign Documentary based On a Kindergarten Experience" who makes the longest speech?