Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rules for The Gym

Now I know that you have come to expect that Pantster will be the person on our blog who supplies you with rules to live by but since this week is out of whack anyway with Kathy being gone yesterday, and this subject of gym rules on my mind, I figured, what the heck! Let me first say that I have been really sick this week with some allergy and sinus mess so things that I usually find just kinda irritating have really made me mad. Perhaps this is simply because I am under the weather but perhaps it has been building up over time!

As you probably know, if you read our blog very often, I regularly go to the gym. To me this means that unless I am out of town or sick,  I am there six days out of seven. (I figure even God took a day off and He is in perfect shape and health.) The fact that I am in the gym so much means that I have had some time to develop rules that I think everyone should follow...

1. Clean your sweat off of the machines.
You would think that adults would understand this rule. The gym even provides antibacterial wipes to be used for this very purpose and yet, almost daily, I see someone--and not always a man--sweat all over a machine then leave it all wet and grimy. I keep a close watch on this..

2. Do not witness for the Lord on the cardio machines.
Now I know that some of you will think, "But you live in the Bible-Belt. You should expect this." And others may think one should share the gospel wherever the Holy Spirit leads. But I submit to you, that if you feel led to witness to a fellow gym-mate, you owe it to the rest of us  to take your Roman Road conversation to a more private place. I love the Lord  I would gladly give up some gym time to share my faith story  with anyone who is interested but I think it is best done in a more conducive setting--maybe the gym entry way where there are tables and chairs.

3. Do NOT go to the gym sick.
Of course, this is closely related to Rule #1 since if you are sick, you will spread germs that the antibacterial wipes might not be able to take care of. This is really the rule that got this blog idea hopping around in my head. I sort of felt like maybe I could make it to the gym tonight(Thursday). I haven't been since Sunday. That is a long time for me these days, but then I had a coughing fit. I decided that perhaps  the feeling like I could go workout was really a fake peppy feeling stemming from the massive amounts of medicine that I have been taking the last few days. Last spring when I had this same allergy trouble (Dang the Bradford Pear trees!!!) my doctor had to tell me not to go to the gym. The first visit she didn't tell me that. And since I was supposed to be working out every day, (remember I love structure and a rule) I just kept on going no matter how bad I felt. Amazingly enough, I didn't seem to get any better. So I went back to the doctor after a couple of weeks.  I told her that after I worked out for an hour every night I really  felt a lot sicker and just couldn't seem to get better. She looked pretty stunned and said, "You have been going to the gym as sick as you are?" To which I replied, "You didn't tell me not to go to." She died laughing and said  she had never had to tell a patient that. She told me that usually her patients tended to say things like, "Well, my cat is sick so I really can't go to the gym." She told me that when I am sick my body needs all of its energy to heal itself so I should skip going to the gym. Then she said the words that made me love her forever! She said, "Oh, and you may need to eat more carbs because that supplies your body with quick fuel for healing as well." Gosh, I love my doctor!

I know this blog was about going to the gym but the subject on my mind is a speedy recovery so I am going to close with a question on that subject...

What is your best tip for a speedy recovery from allergy season?


  1. Drink lots of water!! Get a good night's sleep and try not to push too hard. Love your blog post about the gym. I have a tidbit, my daughter's pediatrician told me that the two worst places for picking up germs were the gym and the church nurseries. I believed her. I can't believe how many obsessed people in both sectors would haul their kids to these nurseries just because they had a solo to sing or a workout they couldn't miss.

    I was interim children's worship leader at one of the churches I attended. The stories I could tell! And good for you that you're hitting the gym hard!

    Way to go!

  2. What your doctor said! Don't go to the gym when you're sick! You're not taking in enough oxygen, and you can really do some damage to your body.

    Veg out. Sit and read. Take naps. Let your body have the resources it needs to get better.

    I have another gym rule, too: Thy shalt not show butt cracks.

  3. Hysterical rule about butt cracks, Maven Linda! Seriously, this rule should be posted in the gym for all to see.

    As for what to do in addition to PLENTY OF REST-take a little echinacea to boost your immune system. Can't hurt. And don't forget your hot tea! Feel better soon, Stephanie!

  4. Ditto on that butt crack rule and I'll raise you a "Don't show too much cleavage."

    I have allergies too and I find if I don't remain as faithful to my Claritin as you are to the gym, I will end up with bronchitis from the sinus drainage. And as nice as it can be to have the windows open on a warm day, that just lets pollen in, so the specialists tell you to keep the windows closed.

    I've heard folks swear by Neti pots, but since I can't stand to put anything up my nose (at least I'll never be a cocaine addict) I haven't tried one yet.


  5. Eat some fish sticks and chant.

  6. Thanks to everyone for the tips.
    Both the get well quick tips and the gym advice.
    Christine-You are so correct that not pushing is good advice.

    Maven Linda-You are soooo right with the no butt crack rule. I thought about including a "Don't wear your clothes to tight rule" but apparently was so sick that I forgot to include it in the post. I love that I have permission to veg out and nap!

    Crystal-Hot tea. Thanks I had forgotten about that tip!

    PM- I agree that keeping the windows closed is sometimes tough but worth it if it keeps evil pollen out of our homes.

    Pantster- I ate fish sticks just last night.
    What do you advise me to chant?

  7. Not sure. Chanting is a highly personal matter. Perhaps you could consult Crystal's totem animal for some advice.

  8. Stephanie, I could suggest a trip to the sweat lodge--that would knock the allergy beast right out of you--but since that's not so readily to hand, think Bear. As a totem animal, Bear can help you harness your natural healing abilities. Your time to hybernate and rest is now. As you do this, visualize your system attacking the allergy beast with the strength of Bear. Part of healing is harnessing the power of your mind--you know, mind over matter. As for chanting...chants are prayers, so do what comes naturally here. And don't forget your tea!

  9. Crystal-I appreciate the tips but remember I don't like to sweat. I do like the idea of a Bear as a totem animal. I have a good friend whose representation is a bear and my first best friend (sorry, Jean) was a teddy bear named Noodles so I like this bear idea!

  10. Hey, have you tried the local honey routine for allergies? Some people swear by it. You take a spoonful of honey that comes from some local beekeeper each day. It supposedly helps to build up your resistance. I guess it's like allergy shots.

    As for the gym, you know, I have never been in one. Guess you can tell by looking at me. Arab isn't that big on them, too much work. LOL