Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Step Away From The Magnolia Tree!!!

Let’s have some fun! Read the following beginning of a story and get your thinking cap on….

“Step away from the tree, Miss Billings!” The tall police chief standing below her looked stern and not very pleased about having to peer up through the waxy leaves.

Arizona Billings shook her head and clutched the tree. Given the chance any other day, she would have been more than happy to step away from the tree - right into Chief Tony Clark’s arms. She slipped on the bark and tightened her hold. Damn it! She had no idea about how to climb a tree but she bet she would know how to fall out of one, easily.

“I am not getting down until someone in authority comes to speak to me.” Arizona shouted at him.

Chief Clark snarled. “I’m the only authority you’re going to get. Now get out of that tree!”

“You don’t have any authority to stop this desecration! I am not budging from this tree until you get someone here who can halt this road!”

Arizona knew she was fighting a losing battle but she had to try. The city council had already approved the extension of Elm Street in Blackstone, Alabama. The lengthening of the street was being done to connect Highway 757 to Main Street, rerouting traffic and potential customers. The city fathers thought it would bring some much needed trade to the floundering businesses located downtown. Hmph! She felt indignant all over again. Nothing was going to increase business until those stupid store owners joined the twenty-first century! A marketing and accounting major, Arizona, as head of the Chamber of Commerce, had tried to help them but noooo the idiots liked things just as they were. Except, she hugged the Japanese Magnolia’s bark, this beautiful tree and it stood in the way of the store owners' so-called progress. Stupid idiots! She swore and slipped again.

“Arizona, honestly. Get down before you fall!” Tony looked exasperated.

“Nope. You are not cutting down this tree!” She shook her head vigorously. A little too vigorously and nearly fell off the limb she was sitting on.

“Aw geez girl. Am I gonna have to come up there and get you?” Now Tony looked seriously pissed.

And just when you thought you were finally getting somewhere with him, she thought sadly. Before the tree incident, he had actually been friendly when they had passed on the street. Arizona, harboring an old crush, had held high hopes for more. But now, well now, things weren’t looking so good for the home team.

Arizona produced a pair of handcuffs from her jeans pocket and waved them at him. “You aren’t getting me out of this tree until I get heard on this matter!” Before he could even swing one leg up onto the lowest limb, she snapped the handcuffs to her wrist and then to the tree.

“Damn!” Tony said through gritted teeth as he started up toward her.

Okay readers, now it’s your turn to write. Give me at least a couple of sentences to add to this story. Why did the tree matter? Tell us about Arizona’s crush on Tony. How was he going to get down from the tree? What happened once he did? Was she under arrest? How did Tony feel about Arizona? Where did she get that name? What about the town fathers, did anyone show up? What happens to the tree? Remember the time line and fill in Arizona and Tony’s story. Keep it in sync with the commentator before you and help us weave a wonderful story for our magnolia tree. Make it fun and romantic!!!!

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  1. The tree was important to Arizona because her grandfather had courted and proposed to her grandmother beneath it. Arizona had always thought that theirs was the most romantic story she had ever heard. Arizona had grown up hearing about how her grandparents had written love letters while her Papa was in the Army saving Europe from Hitler and how her Nana had waited for him writing him every day even when she didn't know if he was getting the letters or not. Then he came home and swept Nana off her feet. After all, he had defeated Hitler so what woman could resist a man in uniform who determined to storm her heart and guard it forever. Arizona had dreamed of her own proposal in the beautiful shade of the magnolia tree with the scent of the lush blooms surrounding her and the man of dreams.

    It was bad enough that the idiot city council and store owners wanted to create a new way downtown but it was just adding insult to injury to even think about destroying the beautiful old tree. And Chief Tony Clark had another think coming if he thought he had enough "authority" to tell her what to do!