Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Draws You?

Life is full of amazing challenges. We see them come and go in small grievances and then compare them with the mowhills that often turn to mountains. When one hurdle is jumped, sometimes it feels like another one has been plunked in its place. It can be a vicious cycle.

My life has been challenging lately. So busy, in fact, that I've had little time to devote to my family. A wonderful way to chill with family is enjoying a good show on television or watching a great movie at the theatre or on DVD. So today, I'm lamenting the season finales of the shows I love, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Nikkita, American Idol and a few others. The challenge now is: what do I watch on television when the mood strikes? Is there anything that can keep my attention?

TV Land is trying to pump up my volume with new shoes like the addictive Teen Wolf on MTV, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and The Secret Circle. Woot! Teen Wolf is all that and a bag of chips, if I do say so myself. Tyler Posey is fantastic as the teen bitten by a werewolf, soon facing 'the change' of his life. Oh! But he's just met the new girl in town and his desire to date her poses many more problems for his shifting form. If you haven't caught it, tune in on Monday nights. The Nine Lives of Chloe King came on Tuesday night for the first time and was, to quote Miley Cyrus, "pretty cool!" I'm still waiting on The Secret Circle. All the commercials point to the EXTREMELY GOOD button.

What I'm really missing is: The Gates! Where has it gone? Is it coming back? Be still my heart! A community filled with Vamps, Werewolves, Witches, Succubus' and more. Times like this make me wonder why the rum is always gone. Arrrrr!

On the movie front, I absolutely loved Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides! (Of course! Was there any doubt?) Make sure you stay until the final credits roll.

The Latest X-Men installment is uber fantastic! Not only do they introduce characters we haven't seen much of yet, they stay true to the comic books and give us our very first cinematic look at Professor X and Magneto before they became frenemies.

But what I'm really waiting for is The Green Lantern! This movie boasting a buff Ryan Reynolds starts this coming weekend. Ooh-la-la! For someone who grew up reading comics and dreamed of becoming an illustrator like Stan Lee, 2011 is a comagsmic summer fest!

We're all busy today. What draws you to the television or the big screen? What is worth giving up your precious time for?

Oh and while you debate the best of the best, I'll be cringing in the shadows.


  1. I am really not much for television or the movies. I know - GASP! I do love Supernatural and the reality shows like Pawn Stars, American Pickers and, of course, Ghosthunters! I am starting to like Ghost Adventures - those guys are actually funny sometimes. I guess paranormal draws me but not these teen shows that I can't relate to. I am looking forward to seeing the new Pirates movie and Green Lantern. It's just hard to get to Huntsville for a movie (rural life isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes).

  2. We are watching a BBC production right now--Monarch of the Glen. We're on the first season and there are 7 so we have a ways to go.

    Our summer shows are "White Collar", "Covert Affairs", and "In Plain Sight". We've been watching "The Killing" but I think there's on one more episode. "Friday Night Lights" has been my favorite show for five years. It's airing on network tv right now but be missed an episode during the storm aftermath, so we purchased the DVD and it's over for me.

    However, heart be still and drum roll--There's going to be another show about football on USA. "Necessary Roughness" premiers June 29. Too bad for me, I'll be a conference. Yea, for me I have a DVR.

  3. Kathy, I loved comic books when I was a kid, and my absolute favorite was Green Lantern!!! I was so excited when I found out they were making a movie! MMMMM, can't wait!!! I love superheroes for some reason. :-)

    I just can't get into TV shows anymore. None of them appeal to me, although I saw Supernatural one day when I was working out at the gym and thought it looked like something I would like. I love watching movies, but the thought of watching a TV show just seems so time-consuming! LOL We never turn on the TV after 7 p.m. except to watch a Netflix. Except my kids love Extreme Makeover Home Edition. They are addicted to that show.

  4. I must admit that I am really shallow and what usually draws me to the small or big screen is a hot guy.

    Most recently I have been watching the HBO series, Game of Thrones. I love Sean Bean ever since he was Richard Sharpe in the fabulous Sharpe's Rifles series. He is not the look I usually am attracted to. He is not so tall, not so dark, and not so clean shaven. In fact,he is down right scruffy looking in this new series but he is oh so capable looking!!! He just looks as if he can take care of any danger that comes his way. I am most attracted to that characteristic!

  5. I love Game of Thrones, Stephanie! Awesome show, and they are being very faithful to the book. I'm reading book 2 now, and that is what the second season should center on. Awesome, awesome show!

    Kathy, I believe The Gates has been executed--no second season. I'm waiting for the DVDs but have no idea when they will burst onto the scene.

    I'm looking forward to the return of True Blood, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Merlin, Haven, Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural. Fantasy/Paranormal wins the vote most of the time.

  6. Cheryl, I love Ghosthunters. I forgot to mention it. The Ghost Adventurers go to places no man dares. I really love those guys. I hope you get to see The Green Lantern! ;)

    Jean, I'm looking forward to Necessary Roughness too. But I don't have a DVR! ~sigh~ Guess I'll have to catch it in reruns. Or maybe they'll broadcast the original before the follow up. The do that sometimes. :D

  7. Melanie, Rhonda got me hooked on Netflix and the Roku. I heart Rhonda! I've been watching some great BBC shows.

    Wonderful to know that you're a comic book fan too! Mom used to let us pick one out every time we went grocery shopping. That's a very fond memory. ;)

  8. Oh, to be rescued by Sharpe, Stephanie! I love Sean Bean in the role and have him on DVD. ;)

    I wish I could see Game of Thrones, but I don't get HBO. This is one time I lament that, wholeheartedly.

  9. Crystal, you're a kindred spirit! I absolutely love Merlin, Haven and Warehouse 13! I don't get True Blood for the reasons I listed above... no HBO. Waaaa!

    Thank you for this special day everybody!!

  10. Never fear. We (meaning The Guy) will burn you a DVD of the first episode of Necessary Roughness. He's good like that.