Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do the Clothes Make the Woman?

I am in the middle of getting ready for the national conference of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and I am thinking a lot about what type of clothes to wear to different activities and events.  Our local chapter of RWA is know as the "Shoe Chapter", so there is also some pressure in that department.  I have actually had people in the elevator see on my name tag that I am a member of the Heart of Dixie chapter and look down to see what shoes I am wearing.  Luckily for me, I love shoes so this isn't a problem but I digress.

As I was working on my packing list yesterday, I really gave some serious thought to what I need to wear.  Of course, business casual is what everyone always says but how much business and how much casual?.  This year I have more business than casual because I have some "official" stuff to do two days, and on another day Pantster and I will be pitching our book to editors.  I guess I still think that there is some sort of magical outfit and if I wear it, everyone will love me and I will sell a book.

Of course, we know there are no magic clothes but often the clothing we choose does inspire confidence, is almost magical.

Do you have a favorite outfit or article of clothing that makes you feel confident and special?


  1. Last year at the retreat the Mavens did my colors, something I had never given much thought to. I should have. When Maven Linda told me to wear gray (a darker gray) and white (two colors I never wore), it changed a lot about how I looked at colors. Now, when I shop I remember those colors and the resulting outfits make me feel better because I know I look better.

    I like to wear clothes that aren't too tight - this new trend of stuffing yourself into tight tops and allowing the rolls to bulge is just not for me. I hide them. A favorite outfit? I love wearing clothes with designer labels in them. I know no one can see them but it just makes me feel more confident. Shallow, I know...

  2. Shoes. Beautiful shoes. Sparkly shoes. I have a rule that the beautiful sparkly shoes must also be comfortable, so I'm very happy when I'm wearing them. The plainest outfit can be elevated by spectacular shoes.

  3. Cheryl, I am with you that I like clothes that aren't too tight. I just don't understand how people can look at all those bulges busting out of their clothes and think, "Yeah, I look good!"

    Maven Linda, shoes always help make me happy. I will often start an outfit by selecting the shoes I am in the mood to wear and work up.

  4. Yikes, the bulges! I tried on a top the other day that nearly sent me into fits of weeping. Nope, it would not do! I love long swirling skirts, pants with wide legs, and tops/tunics that hide a multitude of sins. And shoes, yes, beautiful shoes!

  5. There aren't any magic clothes but there sure are some anti magic ones. Show up for something important wearing a skirt that belongs on an sixteen-year-old a tank top with a rude slogan and see how that works out for everybody.

  6. I am also of the hide-the-fatroll-mentality.

    As for the shoes, until recently I have never given much thought beyond color and comfort. But all that changed a few weeks ago when I saw these:


    I gasped and my heart gave a little jump. Sparkly and pretty and ooohhhh!!! Have I bought them? No. I have a girl in high school and boy going to college in two months. But if they ever go on sale...

  7. I have to admit, I don't pay much attention to clothes. And I'm not sure y'all would ever let me go to nationals, or at least not let me tell anyone I was from HOD if I went, because I don't do high heels and I don't have a lot of cute shoes.

    Please don't kick me out.

  8. Melanie--

    I don't have any high heels or any plans to get any. Stephanie says that once I'm in the nursing home and can't stop her, she's going to put kitten heels on me.

    But I have sparkly shoes. That's important to me.

  9. Sparkly shoes are good! :) I love clothes and shoes and I would really love to go shopping for conference, but I'm rather stuck writing a book that's due way too soon. Maybe this weekend. If I'm lucky. :/

  10. Well, I love you, Minion, regardless of your outfit.

    I'm working on my RWA wardrobe (yes, I should be writing, but geez, it's important too!). And I must admit, there is at least one outfit planned around the shoes....

  11. Crystal, long flowing skirts are so pretty especially with sparkly shoes.

    Rhonda, see that's how it starts. It's like falling in love. You see the shoes and your heart jumps. Then you find yourself thinking of them at odd moments during the day and smiling. Then you decide they MUST be yours!

    Jean, that's an interesting visual. I also spent some time thinking of rude slogans that could go on too tight tee shirts.

    Melanie, there are lots and lots of cute flats out there. When you go to Nationals it will be great no matter what type of shoes you have on!

    Lynn, good luck with the writing. I bet you get so much done that you deserve a shopping break at some point this weekend!

    Kim, thanks for the love. Good luck with the work.

  12. Sparkling shoes are a must for the Rita Ceremony! I love it when I can find a shoe that is both comfortable and pretty. ;)

    Melanie, you always look fabo! Don't you worry about anything.

    Lynn has uber awesome shoes!

    Rhonda, we've had kids going through college for many years now, in various stages. We're on the 4th one now. Whew! Two more years to go. So I completely understand where you're coming from. ;)

    Maven Linda always has on the prettiest shoes!

    I'll never forget the look on Jean's face when I thought about wearing the skirt my daughter told me to wear last year. LOL! So glad she was there to guide me.

    Stephanie, I can't wait to see the outfits we've all chosen this year at conference.