Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, June 9, 2011

State of Done

The goal was achieved!!
As many of you know from reading Pantster's blog on Monday, we are done with some things.  Most notably, we have just finished our latest work in progress.  Oh, there are just a few minor corrections to be made and one very, very, very  short scene to be added but other than that we can say it is a wrap!   We have reached the goal line!!! We  wanted to finish this project by the first of June and by golly we have made it!

I am  also done with the fabulous Heart of  Dixie Luncheon. It was especially fabulous this year to meet the wonderful and entertaining Barbara Vey and Kerreyn Sparks.  And  I  always love to work together with our chapter to make this event happen.  This year our very own Okay, Listen Here blog sisters, Katherine Bone and Cheryl Crisona, were Chair and Assistant Chair on this event, plus Pantster was on the committee, so I am very  proud and excited about how hard they worked to help create another great Reader's Luncheon--especially with all of the craziness that went on down here in Alabama with the tornadoes and subsequent damages.  Way to go Ladies!!!

Ok, I will go ahead and admit that I am very excited to move on to our next project.   I have held out for as long as I can and now I must ask, "Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??"  That's right, I know it is still baseball season. I know  it isn't football season in other parts of the country but in Alabama it is always football season.  Maybe one day Maven Linda can explain the actual four seasons of football to you but for now it is enough to know that I am done with going without football.  Our new story features a football coach hero and I can't wait one minute  longer to get into some football so here are some football pictures and images to get us through the long hot summer to the cool crisp days spent with the Boys of Fall!!

Marcell Dareus, the Rookie
This is the mascot of my new favorite professional football team!  The Buffalo Bills.  They drafted one of my favorite football players from the University of Alabama. They were very, very smart to take him with their first round draft pick. Smart move, Buffalo!

So I am done with the luncheon, practically done with filling the new ballot of officers to run for the open positions in RWA, done with new book, done with baseball, and done making myself live in a football free world!  Done, done, done!  I am very excited to be moving into the Free State of Done!

To celebrate all of this doneness I am going to order myself a new hat--just like the one Marcell Dareus got when he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills and I am going to wear it to watch them go back to the Super Bowl!

It always feels great to achieve a goal or to accomplish a difficult task.
How do you reward yourself when you achieve a goal or for a job well done?


  1. Given how miserably I've been at achieving my goals this year, there ain't no rewards in my future. :-(

  2. Thanks for the shout outs, Stephanie! Cheryl and I wouldn't have been able to pull this luncheon off without your help. Thank you for your time and encouragement. ;)

    Repeat... Are you ready for some football?

    Oh, yes! I was just talking about this the other day with someone else. Gotta love football season. And, this year there is so much to look for now that many of our favorite players have moved on to the PROs. Gotta be a Colts fan (Peyton Manning), a Giants fan (Eli Manning), a Rams fan (Sam Bradford), a Jaguar fan (Cam Newton), and last but definitely not least, a Bronco fan (my man Tim Teebow)!

    Now, I know you and Jean have choice words for my favorite quarterback, Stephanie. But he's doing great things and I know they're getting ready to showcase his talents this year because he's on t.v. every morning earning ravs for his Tim Teebow Foundation for kids. It's always a good morning when I see Tim Teebow on the tele!

    So much talent on the college front. And I know Alabama and Auburn will be setting new strides without many of their starters this year. Should be a great season!

    Great job finishing off your book! Can't wait to read the football book. It's going to be fabulous, I just know it! ;)

    When I'm done, I love to chill. But what I really love is having the deadline, seeing that finish line in the distance and finally making my way there, whether I'm winded or not. (No matter if that is a writing deadline or a deadline that involves my personal life.) And finishing up always gives me a great excuse to say...

    Where's my undead monkey and why is the rum always gone?

  3. My husband will be so happy to have another Bills fan nearby. The man is fanatical about them, even though they have (to put it politely) not been so good in the past few years. Ahem. All of that is surely going to change now!

    I remember the Bills in their early 90s heyday. FOUR consecutive Super Bowls. Jim Kelly was a helluva quarterback, though I admit to getting quite mad at him from time to time. First SB loss was to the Giants. Scotty Norwood missed the game winning field goal. Bills fans didn't blame him though and he was welcomed home with warmth and sympathy.

    But then he did it again. His name is reviled in Bills lore now. Want to get a long time Bills fan riled? Mention Scotty Norwood.

    The Bills lost twice to Dallas, once to the Redskins, and once to the Giants. It was excruciating to live with my hardcore Bills fan then. All this stuff I know about the Bills -- and I surprise myself with what I know -- comes from osmosis. The Bills are AFC. Their big rival is Miami. Bills fans despise Miami. They aren't particularly fond of the Cowboys either. :)

    That's all off the top of my head. I can't believe I've lost that much brain space to the Bills. ;) Perhaps my hubby will come along and say more.... ;)

  4. I'm so impressed with your Bills knowledge, Lynn! Who knew? ;)

    I've never really known much about the Bills. But I like saying... Da Bills.

  5. PM, sometimes the goal is just getting through the day, then the week, or the month. I think you have achieved some great goals in the last year and in a very gracious way!

    Kathy, I know how much you love a deadline. :-)
    Thanks for your nice words of encouragment and support! I don't know anything about the undead monkey but I may have seen the rum last Friday night!

    Lynn, Thank you so much for sharing your Bills knowledge with us. I am excited to have your husband so close so that he can show me the Bills way! I am already taking notes!

  6. As an aside, Bills backwards is sllib. ;)

  7. I'm giddy at the thought. Now, Kathy cannot pick just one team. She hears about it pretty often. More often than she wants, though she is a lady about it.

    I might be in a similar boat as we explore this pro thing. (I am a college fan all the way.) I'm all for Marcell and the Bills. Who couldn't be after seeing him recover that fumble and head over the goal line in the 2009 BCS Companionship?

    But Julio is a Falcon, Mark is a Saint, and Greg is a Jet.

    I don't understand this pro business so much but The Guy tells me I might have quite a while to settle on a team. Strike and all that.

    That may be. But no matter what the pros do, come September 3rd, there's going to be a kick-off. That's a Saturday.

    Roll Tide backwards is Llor Edit.

  8. You're a riot, Jean! ;)

    Raw Elgae!

  9. Not much of a pro fan. But I LOVE college football! Especially this last January at the BCS Championship! Raw Elgae!

  10. Jean, you are correct that there are many new PRO teams to support with our boys on them. That just makes things better for me.

    Cheryl, I know you are looking forward to football too!