Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Post-its Are The Mostest

Forget to buy milk? Put it on a post it, stick it to your wallet and go.

Need to remember to pick up the dog from the kennel? Got a friend you want to send flowers to? Need a number to dial? Remind yourself with a post-it!

I love the opening scene in ROMANCING THE STONE, when Joan Wilder has just finished her novel. She steps into the kitchen to get a tissue, finds a post-it. Goes to the refrigerator, find another post-it. Very soon the audience sees that there are post-its everywhere. This scene convinces us that Joan has been so embroiled with her book that she’s obviously neglected to care for her immediate needs.

Why does this scene appeal to me? Well, it does come immediately after the heroic ending and happily ever after of her book, when Jesse swoops down and grabs the heroine, easily planting her upon the back of his horse as he gallops away into the sunset. Ah! Who doesn’t love a cowboy! But I digress…

The director of ROMANCING THE STONE knew that one scene could speak to the audience more than Joan finding a tissue for her nose. Simply and superbly done with a post-it.

I love post-its! I use them at work, at home, for important reminders and simple ones too. They come in a range of colors and in various sizes. I’ve got post-its that look like hearts, flowers, dialogue tags from Comic books, stars and the list goes on. I enjoy going to office stores just to see if they have post-its I’ve never seen or used before. Ah, it’s just occurred to me I might have a problem. Is there such a thing as PIA? (Post-its Anonymous?)

I’m a writer and therefore post-its mean a lot to me. My favorite thing to do with post-it notes is to fill my storyboard with them, each one complete with a plot directive to keep me on track. Yes, there’s something wonderful about seeing 20 chapters gridded in front of me with colored/shaped post-its filling the square gaps. And there’s something cataclysmic in staring at an empty storyboard when a book isn’t quite coming together… yet.

Post-its, (you know it’s coming don’t you?) are a metaphor for mankind. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They all have a sticky end, but can be molded to fit any design given the right environment. You can peel away the layers, use them as you wish, as if you were unveiling layers of the soul. Well-used paper corners can be bent like arthritic limbs. A stack of post-its can be thrummed like playing cards, or crumpled up and thrown away like homeless cast-a-ways. They can even be stacked in varying colors like sky-scrapers in cities across the world. People are drawn to certain colors and shapes just as people are drawn to brown or blue eyes, blond or brown hair, light or dark skin. Like neurons charging within a brain, this tiny or large piece of paper has the ability to trigger thought, inspire generations, and cause us to take heed of our surroundings.

Yes, an insignificant pad of sticky paper serves a greater purpose. And I truly believe in the hierarchy of officedom, business cannot be done without cherished little green, purple, hot pink, yellow, lime green, red, and blue friends… post-its. I know in my writing cave, I’ve got to have a colorful stack of crisp post-its ever at the ready.

What do you like to do with post-its? What are the wildest colors and shapes you’ve ever seen and what is the whackiest thing you've done with a post-it?


  1. Fun post!

    As a pantster, I love post-its. They come in handy when I need to jot down an idea quickly before it escapes. I put these treasured pearls in my black book, where I keep my story notes. Why not just open the book and write down the idea? Well, sometimes there just isn't time to dig that puppy out of my purse and find a suitable page. It simply isn't worth risking a flash of brilliance. Hence, the fabulous post-its.

    Some of my favorite post-its were given to me as a gift. They have bats on them. How fun is that!

  2. I *love* post-its (and I was just thinking about that opening scene in Romancing the Stone last night). I got some once that read "They aren't grey hairs. I prefer to call them stress highlights."

    If there were a PIA group, I'd have to be there. I have them in all colors and sizes, including some with lines. When I've done story boards, they're great because you can move them around to change the order of scenes.


  3. Holy Quano, Batman! Crystal, I've never seen 'bat' post-its before. Cool! ;)

    Oh! I love moving post-its around a story board, Marilyn. With post-its, you aren't STUCK with a plot, you can be flexible as you the story progresses. And let's face it... less messy.

    I'm glad to know that I have a kindred spirits out there! :D

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  5. In case anyone wonders why I deleted my comment, it's because it had some typos I couldn't live with. I am a fast typist but not so accurate and what good is that? I am way too dependent on those little red lines, and they don't always help. That's why I had two typos in the title of my blog Monday until The Guy emailed me and told me to fix them. They don't give you red lines in title. Anyway, I seem to have changed the subject, which is not my job.

    Post-its. I like them as well as the next gal--though not as much as Kathy. What I really
    love are those little Post-it page flags. I thought of them first. I used to cut Post-its into strips to make my own. Now I don't have to. I hope whoever made them happen for me made millions of dollars.

  6. I love the flags too, Jean! They are smaller and don't take up as much space.

    Wouldn't it be grand if they made leopard and zibra print post-its or flags? I'd use them, almost as much as I use my highlighter, which is a completely different story. But it sure would be nice if I could find some. Not necessarily with a diva in mind, but for the fashionable writer/researcher/obsessed with detail kind of person. ;)

  7. I'm a flag girl too. If there are three of us, doesn't that make us a team and shouldn't we have uniforms and boots? ::grin:: Like Jean, I used to make my own.

  8. I am not so much a post-its person. The only time I use them is to combat my old-timers. I have to make a list of my errands, stick it to the dashboard of the car or else I will forget to go to one of the places I need to go.

    I do like the flags - four in the group. I vote for boots and epaulets made from the flags for our uniforms. (g)

  9. I live the post-its that have cute sayings on them and/or pretty pictures. This probably makes me shallow but they make me smile.

    I have never really done anything unusual with my post-it notes. I just post notes on them but I have really enjoyed reading about you more adventurous users.

  10. Love my Post-its! And the little flags as well. My favorite has a woman with a bad hair day and bags under her eyes. It says...I try to take one day at a time...but lately several days have attacked me at once. Great "post" Kathy!

  11. I have a wall of post its above my desk. Different colors. I'm very visual. I love to pull them off when I have accomplished their tasks. Usually they are about a current project, an idea for the doc, or a change I want to make throughout the document later on.

    Fun post!

  12. Marilyn, can I get those white go go boots? Always wanted to be a flag girl and wear a pair of go go boots! :)

    Epaulets would be a fantastic addition, Cheryl. We could make some that almost look like wings. ;)

    Post-its with cute sayings are great. There's a quaint little store that I love to go to in Jean's town where they carry all sorts of post-its and/or small note pads. Love that place!

    Pat, another post-it girl! Post-its like that would definitely be the order of the day. LOL, on the great 'post' comment. :D

    Oh, crumpling up a post-it with a task that's been done is such a boon for the spirit. I love when I can do that, Christine. You are a kindred soul!

    Thanks for 'posting' everyone! ;)