Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Almanac Told Me There Would Be Days Like These

Here we are with more snow it Alabama. It has been a crazy winter.

It is the most odd winter so far. There has been snow after snow after snow. It has also been colder here in Alabama at times than it was in in GREENLAND. Greenland for the love of Pete!!

A few months ago in the early fall, one of the members of our great RWA chapter. Heart of Dixie, told some of us that the almanac said we were in for a cold, bad winter. She is the type of person who seems to know this kind of thing so I believed her, but even then I didn't think there would be this much snow. I mean it's Alabama. How much snow could there be.? It turns out there can be inch after beautiful inch!

I mostly embrace the snow; after all, it gets me a Snow Day, at best, and a delayed start at worst. Not a bad choice. I noticed the other day that I am not enjoying this winter as much as I have in the past and turned my thoughts to trying to figure out why. After just a few days it occurred to me what the problem was. I miss my cool shoes. This crazy cold wet winter has meant that I have had to wear boots and "sensible" shoes more often. I am suffering from a strange type of seasonal disorder. I need to be able to wear my pretty shoes. I felt much better right away when I thought about the gorgeous shoes of summer! Now I know that I can give myself the little pick up I need anytime I want by just cranking up the heat and wearing some of my favorite pretty shoes around the house. In fact, I may just do that tomorrow when we have a delayed start.

What do you like to do to give yourself a little pick me up when you get the Winter Blues?


  1. I don't get the winter blues. I love winter, second only to fall. What I get are the summer blues because I hate to be hot.

  2. A manicure and pedicure always makes me feel better. I need a pedi badly but it's too cold to wear flip flops to the salon and back. And I'm certainly not going to pay for a pedi and then mess up my nice red polish by putting my socks and boots back on.


  3. Sunshine makes me happy. I hate sitting inside because of the cold! I have a handy little light called a Happy Light from Brookstone. It's for SAD. I don't think I have SAD but I sit in front of it at least thirty minutes a day. It seems to help.

  4. Oh, I love my boots! "These boots are made for walkin' and that is just what they'll do. Someday these boots are going walk...." Lol!

    I'm with you, Jean. I don't get the winter blues. I love being inside, curled up with a fuzzy blanket, watching t.v. or reading a book or writing.

    I don't get many pedicures in the winter, Marilyn. Just for the reasons you've stated. No one is going to see my pretty feet. ;)

    It's no wonder you like the sunshine, Cheryl. You're an outdoor person, gaining strength from the land and nature. I'm that way too to an extent. But I love cuddling by a fire. :)

    But I have to admit I miss my pretty shoes too.

  5. Marilyn-You are right! A pedicure and manicure always lift my spirits!

    Jean- I know you hate to be hot, plus you get to wear your pink boots in the winter. Maybe I need to get some cuter boots.

    Cheryl-That lamp sounds cool. You may not have SAD but I think anything that simple that makes the day better is a great thing!

    Kathy- Now if I had someone to cuddle up with and a fire to do it in front of then I might feel a little different about winter myself.:-)