Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, February 28, 2011

Believe Half of What You See And Blog About None Of It

I was reluctant to participate in a blog because of all the hot mess blogs I have read. I could not grasp why someone would want to write mean gossipy things and publish them on the World Wide Web, when an explosion of the seventh grade variety was sure to follow.

But now I understand.

Not long ago, I laid witness to something that I really, really want to blog about but I cannot. Why? Because I've got some sense and my blog sisters would kill me and feed me to the pigs. The place I live is called a city, but it just barely makes the cut. The circles I move in and out of are tiny. I've never really counted but I'd say about a dozen people comment on this blog, some regularly, some off and on. Lots more read it. I know this on account of "Stat Counter" but what I don't know is who they are. What's more, I don't care. After all, it's on the World Wide Web for, well, the world to see. But people stop me in the grocery store and tell me they read it. Sometimes I quiz them to make sure they aren't lying. They're not.

So I can't blog about every spectacle I run across—and believe me there are plenty. If the people providing the spectacle did not read it, someone they know would and then the phone calls would start. Before you could say, "Was that me she was talking about?", I'd have me a big old mess, junior high style.

Yet, I can taste that blog. The phrases run through my head like rain in a rusty downspout. My brain feels like razor blades and my metaphorical tongue is bloody from the biting. Even now, my fingers are twitching. But aside from not wanting any personal High Drama, I really don't want to make fun of people in a public forum and hurt their feelings. I learned a while back that pointing out the shortcomings of others is not so much a public service as it is just mean, not to mention that it leaves the door open for people to sling criticism my way that I may or may not be emotionally equipped to handle, depending on the day.

And as a writer, there's another reason to refrain from blogging about everything. Book fodder. If I give away all of my best ideas for free, what will I have to sell?

So I think I'll go write that blog and put in the "ideas" file.

I am supposed to end with a question, to encourage you to chime in. I can't think of one. That's okay. It's taken all of my energy to control myself and not to scream to the top of my lungs (virtually, of course) about the stupidity of mankind. So, if you have anything to say on this matter, please do. If not, tell me your favorite cookie. I might bake them for you.


  1. So, will you tell me about the incident in a phone call?!! I promise, I won't tell!

  2. Loved the topic, very funny. That's about all I have to say about that...

  3. I can't tell you how often I've started typing something and then hit the backspace key and watched it all go away. Some things simply aren't meant to be shared in such a public way. I don't blog, but I do facebook on a regular basis. Same concept. You never know who's watching.

    Cookies -- I love cookies of all kinds, but have recently fallen in love with your thumbprint cookies! My initial batch didn't turn out well, but I'll be trying that recipe again. :-) -- LJ

  4. Hey, Jean! You are too funny, so I can only imagine what juicy things you would say if you could! But yes, save it for a book. People DO NOT recognize themselves when you put it in a novel. They might think you're writing about someone else, but never themselves.

    Everything is fodder for fiction. And writing books is great therapy too!

    Favorite cookie ... anything with chocolate and/or dried cranberries.

  5. I am with you Jean, my fingers have itched to type a really nasty blog about the stupidity of some people, especially business people who are supposed to be smart. I can imagine quoting the Peter Principle - People rise to the highest level of incompetence or something like that. The only thing that keeps me from it is imagining Kathy's shocked face over what I have written. LOL

  6. Michelle--I've already told you.

    OF--Probably for the best.

    Linda--I am so glad I am not the only one. Restraint can be hard.

    Melanie--And it's the stuff that really happen that is so unbelievable.

    Cheryl--Yeah, I work hard at not disappointing Kathy, I guess because I know she would love me anyway. Still, you want her to be happy.

    This has nothing to do with this topic. It's going to storm today. Have you noticed that people say, "We're having weather today." Well, yeah. We have weather every day. Back when I worked a day job, I had an assistant whose pregnant daughter was having problems with her blood pressure. She would say, "I asked her if she was having blood pressure." And I'd think, "I certainly hope so because otherwise--"

  7. I'm calling you tonight to find out what you couldn't put on here. And I love chocolate chip but bake them for someone else.

  8. I am absolutely with you all on the wanting to writing snarky things and then thinking better of it. As Precious Angel once said, "It is the WORLD wide web!" Once it is out there then it is there for anyone to read! Forever! Ouch!

  9. Aha! My name has been mentioned and I'm eager to put the record straight. Jean, I could never be disappointed in you, dah-ling. Cheryl, shock me? Say it isn't so! ;)

    Seriously, all three of you have the best manners of anyone I know. As you've shown here, you know what is blog worthy and what isn't. :)

    Michele, I'm curious now too. :D

    Oldest Friend, I'm always impressed by your wit. ;)

    LJ, I'm so jealous! Jean gave you her Thumbprint cookie recipe? Hmmm...

    Melanie, I'm a chocolate lover too. But chocolate chip cookies are my all-time favorite. :)

    Laurie, when I bake chocolate chip cookies, I eat them. Muahuahuahua!

    Stephanie, you have a wonderful talent that you always put to use, it's called 'good sense'. You and Jean are the queens of social grace. ;)

  10. I shall have to read that book and find out your secret blog fodder! Wow, great blog!!