Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, February 14, 2011

And They Flew Through the Air with Greatest of Ease

I'm not blogging about Valentine's Day. What is there to say? The Guy will give me something small but great. (He's great that way.) I will give him something small and lame that he thinks is great. (He's great that way.) We'll eat something good, probably at home. Move on. I'm going to blog about something exciting.

I love, love, love snowboarding. Not actually doing it. Those who know me are, even now, laughing their bottoms off the ridiculous, not to mention suicidal, thought of that. I love watching it, Shaun White in particular. He is a cocky free spirited winner. If he's got a mean bone in is body, he doesn't show it and I don't want to know about it. So two weeks ago, The Guy and I sat watching the Winter X-Games. We'd DVR'd it, so as not to waste our time with the events we care not for, like, say, that skiing thing where they go down ramps but don't do any tricks.

The Guy had control of the remote (doesn't he just always) and I saw going past me on the screen in fast forward mode, a snowmobile going up a ramp and flipping in the air. The rider came off, seemingly on purpose, spun around some, and reseated himself.

"Hold up," I said. "What is that?" The Guy knew all about it. (Doesn't he just always?) It was the Snowmobile Best Trick event. It was born from motorcycle trick riding, much like snowboarding is the descendant of skateboarding.

These snowmobiles were painted up like giant radioactive insects and their riders wore matching helmets. I somehow got the idea that the helmets are required or these maniacs would have never considered owning such an uncalled for safety item,

I was entranced. Then I met the riders. Caleb and Colton Moore are from Texas. I do not know how they got their start in snowmobiling in a usually snow-free state, but there they were. After his second run, Caleb was not delighted with his score. He raised his hands in the air and seemed to asking the judges, "What do you want? I sailed over the moon, unseated myself, had tea with an angel, and landed back on that killing machine." He had a point. Or maybe he didn't. What do I know? I'd had only had five minutes of history with this sport at that point.

Then it was baby brother Colton's turn. Caleb jumped on Colton's snowmobile, Colton got on behind him, and here they went. Flipping, turning, kissing the stars, all at the same time.

The commentators were shocked into silence, so I had to ask The Guy, "Is that allowed?"

"I don't think so," he said. Then the commentators recovered from their shock and had plenty to say, none of it good. The judges concurred. It seems this is a solo event, and there is to be no tandem snowmobiling.

The Moore brothers did not care. That did not surprise me. Give a maniac a rule and stand back; it's going to get interesting. They took off their helmets, revealing their very pretty faces, and ran into the crowd, high fiving, howling at the moon, and kissing women.

I should not have liked that. I am all about following a rule and behaving in public. But there was just something about those boys. While searching for pictures of them for this blog, I ran up on their mama's blog. She wants people to pray for her boys.

And isn't that the way it always is with a hero in a romance?


  1. I dated a guy in high school who did motocross. As a teenager, I thought it was thrilling to watch him make those jumps. Now, not so much. Makes the pit of my stomach hurt. I think the ability to do these things is wonderful, but that part of my DNA, the thrill-seeking part, was definitely left out. Heck, I can't even do roller-coasters!

  2. The Moore brothers sound awesome! Oh, to have such a free spirit, to ride the air, flipping somersalts, and probably the bird at the judges, while upside down like Maverick in Top Gun. Yes! More power to them.

    Rules are there for a reason. I love it when an athlete wants to do something that's never been done before. Figure skaters are always lifting the bar, snowboarders too, and skiers push themselves to the tiniest edge of their skies. I love to watch skiing, especially the jumps involved. Skiers have a fearlessness that I'd love to channel.

    Adrenaline junkies, that's what they are. Maybe writers are that way too. We love to push the envelope. We're told what not to do and yet, some authors manage to break the rules and do it well. Sometimes you need to prove you're alive, prove that fear is just that, a limiting sensation that cannot hold you back.

    Fear is also a built-in mechanism to keep us from hurting ourselves. Can't help but listen to that inner voice as long as it doesn't limit you to following your dreams. ;)

  3. That should be the way it always is in romance.
    Those Moore Brothers sound like men after my own heart..."Rules, what rules. I am gonna show you how great I am!"

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

  4. I truly fell down on the job yesterday. I meant to answer but Ken was very late coming home and the evening just got a away.

    I do think adrenaline is the key here!

  5. Oh, I love conversing with such smart women. When I saw my, then two year, old run from wherever he was in the house to stand in front of the TV to watch a commercial, I knew the advertising business ruled the world. I have been in professional sales for 20+ years and know the power of the "branding" and "positioning" a product. I am not surprised about the patent and trademark issues. There is so much money left on the table by good and trusting folk with great ideas. Corporate greed is not underestimated as an egregious sin.

    I agree whole heartedly with the endorsements for "Mayhem" and the "E-Trade" baby. More importantly, you know what these compainies are selling.

    My current favorites are the Chevy commercials with the child in his Darth Vader costume trying to use his Jedi Knight powers to move the car. It is so touching to see that child's head pivot around for confirmation from someone, anyone who just witnessed the "Force". And the knowing parents who felt compelled to give him a little self confidence boost.
    I also cackle every time I watch the Windows 7 phone commercial where the kid beans his dad with a baseball for checking messages while holding his glove outstretched. The the woman in sexy lingerie is motioning like, "all of this and that fool is checking messages...". It is just so 21st century. Another good one is the nursing home group that is tying to figure out what the Echo commercial is saying and end up telling the helpful candystriper, "Who asked you? Turn it up!"
    Which ads do you HATE and why.

  6. HA! Sorry Jean, I posted on the wrong story! I too fell down on the job, yesterday and today!

  7. Deb--I hate all those commercials that say, "You can take this for a hangnail, but it will give you diabetes, erectile dysfunction, a heart attack, and make you suicidal" I also hate commercials for yeast infection meds and feminine products. Let's face, it you need it, you're getting it.

    Love that Darth Vader kid. And I love the Manning family commercials.

    I say Bervil and Sandi Bennett over the weekend. Had they left WM by the time you came? I know Barry would remember them.