Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Word

This past Sunday at church I heard about a new twist on New Year's Resolutions. The idea is to, rather than make a bunch of resolutions that are broken by February, chose one word to describe the characteristic you want to focus on. There is even a website devoted to this idea--myoneword"dot"org. There are some very interesting posts about the words people selected and why they picked them. The lady I learned about this from chose the word "intentional" for her word. She selected it because she wants to be more intentional in everything she does from parenting to work. This got me to thinking...

As writers, words are very important to us. Jean and I often discuss particular words and how they set the tone of the sentence. Many of you have heard us talk about this because it is often funny, especially when it involves body parts or sex scene. There are words that each of us hate and yet inevitably we convince each other that the character would use or think the word, so that the story HAS to have the hated word. It has led to some very, very funny discussions.

After prowling around the myoneword website and thinking about what my word might be for the new year I decided to choose the word "focus." Anyone who knows me knows that I have some trouble with holding a focus. Oh, I can get a job done, usually well. It is just that I often spend a lot of mental energy getting the job done that I would gladly use to accomplish other tasks. I have decided to really try to focus my attention on one thing at a time - to just key in on success on that one specific task or goal.

What would your one word be to describe what you would like to accomplish or change in the new year and why?


  1. I have been doing something similar now for a few years. I find a quality I want to work on or the year and concentrate on the things I need to do to build upon that quality. I also write an affirmation statement to go along with the quality. This year I'd say I have more than one word. I love "intentional." That's the kind of life I try to live. I also love "focus." One of my big ones this year is "organized." I realized I had to have a "real schedule" or I wouldn't be able to focus or live with intent.

    Great post! Love your word.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Plotter, I think the word 'focus' is more a part of you than you realize. Since you are a plotter, you are focused on what you are plotting!

    I have never made New Year's resolutions. It just seems like I would be setting myself up for a failure! Discipline is a big part of a resolution - so perhaps that would be a good word. Discipline, focus, intention, on track, target, goal, accomplishment.......

  3. This is a great way to make improvements without a big list of unrealistic goals.

    My word is going to be "contact". There are some people I need to do a better job of staying in contact with. Keeping in contact with my calendar, spiritual self, and goals could also use a little work!

  4. This is fascinating, Stephanie! Hmmm... what word would I choose? I'm going to choose 'believe'. What a powerful word, incomposing so many different aspects of my life.

    Yes! I'm going to go with 'believe'. It is my belief that we are going to believe in the power of belief and in what believing will help us to achieve this year. We might be surprised at the rewards believing will bring in 2011. I won't be, because I believe. ;)

  5. Christine, I need to be more organized. What a great choice.

    Michelle, discipline is a strong word, one meant to direct and lead one to a goal. Discipline can also be part of a revolution. I'm all about that this year.

    Jean, I hope I'll be one of your 'contacts'. ;)

  6. Christine-I really like the idea of writing an affirmation. Organized is always a good place to start!

    Michelle-You have lots of great words to chose from. I appreciate your kindness about my focus but believe me when I say it really needs some work!

    Jean-When I first read your comment I thought your one word was "contract" :-) That would be a GREAT one!! Of course, contact is also an excellent selection.

    Kathy-You may be right that we all need to believe more!

  7. We did this on the Seekerville blog!
    Well, I picked Strength. But I've decided I don't want that one anymore. It makes me think I have some bad things coming that I need to be strong for, and I would rather not think that's true. I think I really need Focus. Or Discipline. Maybe I can have 3 One Words.

  8. Kathy--You can't get rid of me.
    Stephanie--Contract. Hmmmm. Yes, I like that.

  9. Woot! I'm so glad to hear it, Jean. :D

    Ooh! I want a contract! Pretty please... with sugar on top... and a cherry too. ;)

  10. The word for me is: (Cue drum roll)


    That's it. I've resolved to move forward and become an Author.

  11. My word would be patience. I really need that!

  12. Melanie-You are so funny. I can see your point about wanting to change from strong. Your idea of having 3 one words may sorta violate the spirit of the one word movement. :-)

    MV-I like your choice of resolute. I think you will be able to move forward and that will help you feel like an Author!

    Cheryl-Patience is something most of us could use more of! Hang in there.