Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dream a Little Dream

Happy Martin Luther King Day. Seems like a good day to talk about dreams. There will be a lot of talk today about dreams, as in desires and whims. That is fitting because Dr. King had a big dream. If he were alive today I don't know if he would be thrilled with the progress but I think he might be pleased.

But what I want to talk about is "sound asleep in the bed" dreams. I'll go on record right now saying that I do not believe dreams are prophetic. I think they are the sum of what has been swirling around in your subconscious. I do believe dreams are a way for the the mind to give you what you need sometimes.

But then, I didn't used to believe in ghosts until I went round to two with the house down the block. I would like to believe some of what I dream will come true because I often dream that I can fly, and how cool would that be? I also dream in color.

By now, everyone knows that Stephanie Meyer dreamed the meadow scene with Edward and Bella that got her on the road to writing the Twilight series. I sometimes dream about my characters but I never get any new material--it's mostly a movies of what Stephanie (Plotter; not Meyer) and I have already written.

How about you? Do you believe dreams are prophetic? Do you dream about your characters? Do you, like Stephanie Meyer, get new ideas while you sleep?

One commenter will get a nifty new sleep mask.


  1. I have very active dream life. I usually dream in color and they are often strange and weird. I agree that dreams are usually created from the things running around in the back of our minds when we are awake.

    One of my strangest dreams has been that a friend of mine was God and I was upset that he wouldn't have any surprises at Christmas.

  2. Ha! That's a good one. I think dreams are our body's way of taking the time to sort out our mental stresses. At least in my case. I rarely have nightmares, but I do have really stressful dreams - dreams where I'm stressed out for some reason or other, and no matter what I do, I can't solve the problem. Usually I can sort of figure out why I'm dreaming something, though.

  3. I rarely remember my dreams. If I do then it is usually a nightmare. I think some dreams are prophetic. John Edward says our deceased relatives come back to us in our dreams sometimes to warn us of things. I have had a couple of those and, believe me, they were right about their warnings. No straight-jackets please!

  4. Do we really want to there, Jean? Yes, I have dreams. And if anyone stepped inside this skull during Rem sleep, they'd run for their lives. Why? My dreams are like the movie Inception mixed with Freddie Crueger, Michael Myers, the Scream movies, gothic scenery, and a mishmash of everything I've ever seen or lived in my lifetime. I've also been known to dream about people I will meet in the future, and yes they are introduced as 'the people I will meet in the future'.

    Dreaming about loved ones who've passed on takes years. I didn't dream about my grandparents until at least 6 years after they died in a house fire and then it was the most comforting dream I'd ever had. It took another 5 years to dream about my other grandma. When my father died, I didn't dream of him until he'd been gone 2 years and he was as real as you and me are today. Those are memorable dreams where loved ones return to tell you things are going to be all right.

    The other dreams, the really horrifying ones, are just everyday, sometimes 3 a night, stress-filled dreams. I'm always trying to protect my kids or escape. Go figure. I try not to dwell on it. LOL!

  5. Dreams fascinate me. Do I think they are prophetic-that's always an iffy concept. I think dreams and what they do and what they are vary from person to person.

    I know that I dream a lot, in color, and that's where I get many of my story ideas. I rarely dream of my characters, but if I do, it clarifies something but does not bring me any new information *sigh*

    What I do when I awake is test how I feel--if its great story I write it. If I'm anxious or restless I leave it alone (That's just a dream expressing what is going on internally).

  6. I don't dream very often or if I do I don't remember them. But when I do it varies. I dream in color and black & white. I never get to fly though...I mostly hover above ground or float around. I also don't dream about my characters but I wish I did! Then I might have a clue about what they want to do!

    I connected with Kathy's comment about loved ones passing away and having a dream about them that lets you know everything is alright. When my Dad passed away last year I carried around a lot of guilt for not spending more time with them in the last years. My Dad was never a happy man but in my dream he was smiling and laughing. I felt like he was letting me know everything was alright now.

  7. I had no idea I was among such a dreamy bunch.

    Stephanie--He thinks he is God.

    Astabeth--You are wise to use your dreams as a means of de-stressing. I should try that.

    Cheryl and Kathy--I'd love to hear more about that some time.

    Mary--I'm fascinated by dreams too. Maybe we should have a program on dream interpretations.

    Sherry--What a comforting dream. I'd glad it made you feel good.

  8. I dream a lot. Color dreams and lucid dreams where I know I am dreaming in the dream. I know they are the brain's way of sorting out mental stuff and not sleeping ergo not dreaming would lead to insanity, but I do believe dreams are more powerful than mere mental resorting. I have days where I'd rather revisit the cool world in my dream and make that my reality vs. waking up and facing this reality.

    But those are usually the dreams where I am much younger and slimmer.