Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something Wickedly Delicious This Way Comes

“Line up, ye scabrous dogs!”

“Watch the rocks, mate!”

“Man the braces!”

“Make way for adventure.”

“Prepare ye the way for that jack of all trades, Captain Jack Sparrow!”

You’d have to be from another planet not to know how eagerly I have been waiting for May 20th. A day that will live out in an infamous spectacle of pirates, dreds, doo-dads, pirates, mermaids, pirates, hand to hand swordplay, more pirates, a solid performance by Johnny Depp, and gads more pirates.

‘Twill be a day for the tired and forlorn to brave the tide by rowing against haggard surf to purchase a ticket to the 4th greatest romp in cinema history. The Lord is oh! so good!

First, there was Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl. Disney media frenzy called for the second film, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest, closely followed by Pirates of the Caribbean, At World’s End. (Be still my heart! Somebody out there wubs me. Because as I yearned for more, my deepest desires were made manifest!)

Now I can proudly display my ravenous delight to all. Make way! Go forth, I tell you. Go to your nearest movie theatre as fast as the currents allow. Jack, that rascal, is back!

Behold I give you, Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides!

Brave, spirited, flailing hands and tremulous shutters, inebriated antics which mask a superior mind, Jack, that pirate of all pirates, (Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power combined) emerges from the depths to claim an even deeper place in the hearts of millions everywhere as he sets sail against a fearless foe, Blackbeard, and rekindles an old flame in Penelope Cruise.

Yes, to say I am eager for this movie is putting it mildly. (My bobble-head parrot agrees! My parrot wind chime echoes an affirmative tinkle.)

Last year, Lynn Raye Harris sent me a link to the first POTC, On Stranger Tides, trailer. Jack, himself, sat before the camera providing tid-bits for fans about the latest development of his, locating the fountain of youth. Truly in earnest, I clasped my hands to my chest. Another movie?

(Cue Sally.) Yes! Yes! And, yes!

Can you tell I’m excited about this momentous day? I give you...

Are you planning on going to see POTC’s latest installment? Which of the three movies is your favorite? And, if you could be a character from the films, which one would you be?


  1. Oh, yes, I will see it. I love them, though I can't tell you which I liked best. They kind of run together for me.

    I would be a a character who never had to go on a ship, hear gunfire, or get dirty. So I guess a maid in one of the big houses.

  2. Oh, I can't wait! I'm hoping to see it this weekend, but time will tell. It will be seen, though. Can't tell you which one of the films is my favorite--I really enjoyed all three!

    As for which character I would be... Hmmm... Wheelin' and dealin' has its merits, so a lofty position with the East India Company looks promising.

  3. I really like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Jack is a delightful character, and Johnny Depp one of my favorite actors. The third one was a little strange. Well, they were all a little strange. I think the first one is my favorite. Although I like closure at the end of my movies and there isn't much closure at the end of these movies. But don't hate me, Kathy, if I don't love them as much as you do! I enjoy YOUR love of them!

  4. I also like Pirates of the Caribbean series! I have the whole set and when we need a little relaxing, we bring out the DVDs and watch them all over again!

  5. Oh, Jean! Got you covered. I know how you are around cannon fire. ;)

    Crystal, an East India Company gallant like Cutler Beckett? Or a pirate captain like Mistress Ching? ;)

    Hey, Melanie! Fear not. The movies aren't for everyone. But I'm with you. Of the three movies, I like the first one best. Even Johnny Depp likes the first one better, because it was made with a storyline that was meant to be for one movie only. He says that once the powers that be opted to make more, the storylines became convoluted. Hence, On Stranger Tides is supposed to be more finely crafted and he made sure that would be the case. (I'm sure we'll see a notable difference!)

    Nas Dean, thanks for stopping by! I have the whole set too and everytime the movies are on t.v. I have to drop everything and watch them. I see an all day feast for the eyes in the offing. ;)

  6. To think the other night when I saw the previews for the first time I thought, "Hmmm, I wonder if Kathy knows about this." I should have KNOWN that you would be all over it!

    I haven't seen any of the films I think the people look dirty. I don't want to pay money to see dirty people. So I am not sure what character I would be.

    You all will have to tell me.

  7. I liked the first movie because Jack was an uncomplicated scoundrel. You had to love that about him. This new movie seems like the writers may be going back to that formula - I certainly hope so! I love Johnny Depp and I love Jack. What more is there to say? Weigh anchors and set sail for the theatre!!!

    As for who I would be...hmm. I would want to be Jack.

  8. Haha! You know I'd be down with this info, Stephanie! I've been waiting for this for nearly a year now. ;)

    I'm sad you don't like a little bit of dirt. It's a good kind of dirt, really it is. ;)

    Cheryl, Jack is a complicated scoundrel. He makes one wonder if he really is the best pirate in the world, when everyone knows it already. He's playing a genius who's playing a fool. He's a man who knows the stakes and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make his strategy come to light. Oh! So all together a zany mask of nonsense, masking a sensical man. Woot! Gotta love it! ;)

    Oh, I would love to be Elizabeth Swann, though my swan song would be for Jack. That scene where she kisses him and ties him up for the Kraken... chills, my friends. Chills!

  9. I didn't realize it was this weekend! I do want to see it. I've seen all three and love the adventure!