Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Beach, Prom Breakfast, and a Dying Cat

The title sums up the last five days of my life. Of course, I will elaborate though not necessarily in that order. Did you have any doubt?

The Beach

I just returned from the beach where I spent four days with nine amazing women. We were missing a few--stuff always comes up—but we lamented their absence early and often. When you go to the beach with women, if there is:

  • No righteous indignation over someone done wrong
  • No hugs and I love yous
  • No "You cooked. We'll clean up."
  • No making more coffee after getting the last cup
then you are at the beach with the wrong women. I was not.

The Dying Cat

I returned from the beach to find that The Guy had set up a Kitty Hospice on my back porch. It isn't our cat and it's a long sad story about a sweet little stray and a neighbor who had the exterminator in. I don't want to talk about it but I am thankful I am married to this man.

Prom Breakfast

Godson's Mom and I left the beach a day before the others because Precious Angel's junior prom was Saturday night. It has become the thing to have a wee hours after prom breakfast in someone's home. I think some parents invented it so they'd know where their kids were. It was a good idea. We had it at my house because I live in town as opposed to over hill, over dale, out by the Country Club like Casa Precious Angel.

Precious Angel made the menu—waffles, bacon, biscuits, gravy, cheese grits. An odd combination, but okay. Godson's Mom and I added sausage balls, cinnamon rolls (homemade, thank you very much), virgin mimosas (Sprite make a fine stand in for champagne), and strawberries and whipped cream for the waffles. The five couples came barreling in, hot and tired from dancing, but happy and polite. They changed out of their glam togs, ate heartily, and went upstairs to watch Up. To a child, every single one of them looked all four adults in the eyes and expressed eloquent appreciation for the little party. I would like for the people who rant about "the youth of today" to meet these kids.

I think Godson's Mom, Godson's Dad, The Guy, and I were washing silver and crystal about the time my friends who were still at the beach should have been just getting back from the Beach Boys concert.

Godson's Mom and I maintain that, though we love our beach buddies, we didn't miss a thing.There will be other times and other concerts with our forever friends but you can't get Prom Breakfast back.


  1. There's nothing else I can say about this besides, "Awwwww." :-)


  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful! I love the idea of an after prom breakfast. And I'm glad y'all had such a good time at the beach.

  3. PM--They were sweet. That's PA at the head of the table in the plaid. I didn't know they understood about the head of the table but they all sat down and left that place. He walked in, saw, it nodded, and said under his breath, "Well, all right." I guess after being told repeatedly all this life, "That's your (father's, godfather's, grandfather's) place", he felt he had arrived.

    Danniele--It is fun and you do know where they are. I highly recommend it in your future. We used to do it after sorority dances for my god daughter. Those kids never ate and after the first time we only had cheese straws, sausage balls, and doughnuts. I was unsure about this menu but these kids were starving.

  4. That sounds so great! I am sure Precious Angel did feel as if he had arrived.

    Wouldn't it be GREAT if all adults understood the "Head of the Table concept"!

    Glad it was fun!

  5. Sounds like fun for the kids. Maybe you've started a grand tradition.

    Glad you enjoyed your friends at the beach! Which beach?

    Sorry about the cat. It breaks my heart. Some neighbor...

  6. Godson's MomMay 17, 2011 at 9:15 PM

    Precious Angel had a wonderful time and he and his friends are buying fully into the concept for next year. Godson's father hopes we can work an egg product in next time and I plan to learn how to make redeye gravy - grin... As for the other kids, the sweetie in charge even thanked us for giving them an alternative to partying and drinking! This group is close and hopefully in charge of my old age. As for the beach, what can I say? 10 women, no strife, sand, sun, and sisterhood. It was perfection.

  7. Aw! I hate that I'm seeing this so late. What a great post!

    You are a very special GodMom, Jean! ;)

    I'm a terrible mother because I never wanted my kids to do the breakfast thing over at someone's house. But from the picture above, I can see how much fun everyone had. Makes me feel badly that I deprived mine of something so special. But then again, they didn't have you, Jean. :D