Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Images

Just as I have words I love (epiphany, amber, Victrola) for no discernible reason, there are images that made smile every single time.

Among them:

  • An oozing with testosterone man playing the piano
  • A Christmas tree tied to the roof of a car
  • A high school football team running onto the field
  • Snowmen
  • Jack-O-Lanterns
  • Toddler arms reaching up to me.
  • Glitter on anything.
  • Lightening Bugs at twilight
  • Gingerbread boys

This week, my godchildren provided me with images of two major blessings. They will make me smile for all time. And cry a little too.

Baby Girl had a baby boy. Here he is with Little Baby Girl. I think I can get Baby Girl to let me dress him up like a Gingerbread Boy. Yeah.

Precious Angel got an early nomination from West Point. Here he is with his wonderful parents. You may remember them from this blog as Godson's Mom and Godson's Dad. Note he is wearing an Air Force t-shirt. Probably, I will not be allowed to put glitter on that nomination or the leather cover it came in.

What is making you smile these days?


  1. I am out of school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and get to spend time with friends and family.

    That is making me smile!

  2. That makes me smile because we are going to get some face time~

  3. Sharing Precious Angel's happiness in getting his early acceptance letter... priceless. I'm proud of him and I know how his parents feel. Good things for good people!

    A new baby? Awesome news! Enjoy those cute little fingers and toes and all the wonderful baby firsts. ;)

    Me? I love to watch leaves float in the air or get tossed by the wind.

    Traveling down a road that beams in spectacular fall color makes my day.

    Listening to my child's voice on the other end of the phone.

    The quiet of a day at home in solitude.

    Having LTC home.

    Holidays with family.

    Smelling spring, warming under the summer sun, feeling the chill of fall and breathing in the crisp winter air. All tempt the senses and spring the heart to life.

    I'm happy for good health! Woot!

  4. My son getting into three medical schools! Finally!!!! Made me smile that I won't have to support him the rest of his life!

  5. Cheryl, that's awesome news!!! I knew he'd do it. It was just a matter of time. Though when you're the one doing the waiting, time seems to go by so incredibly slow, doesn't it?

    Wishing your son every happiness! Yay!!!!