Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Devil in the Details

I want to like the TV show Hart of Dixie. The basic premise: When a New York City born and bred surgeon is fired for lack of bedside manner, she relocates to a small town in Alabama to practice general medicine in an effort to hone her people skills.

I want to like this show so much that I continue to watch it every week. And there are some things that I do like about it. There are some great characters. There is some serious eye candy. The light plot lines are entertaining.

If only they had a southerner on the writing staff. Or even a consultant.

Here are the problems:

  • They had a heat wave in late October that was so bad they were tripping breakers and running around wringing wet. No. Not in October. Not even in Alabama.
  • The local women dress like it's the 1950's.
  • These same women wear white shoes in the fall.
  • And flowery hats—at night. That wouldn't happen.
  • The Founder's Day parade had a float with Crimson Tide AND a War Eagle on it. The same float. Give me a break.
  • There is a woman old enough to be my mother active in the Junior League. No. No. No. She would be a sustaining member. She would not work on projects, go to meetings, or hold an office.

What makes you want to stand up and scream, "Why can't you get it right?"


  1. LOL! On the same float?! That is so bad. I haven't watched this show, but last night I was watching a movie where this couple who lives in San Francisco were going to the airport -- across the Golden Gate bridge. Um, no, the airport is in the other direction! I'm not from there, but sheesh, I know that every time I've flown in, the airport is south of the city. Even if you fly out of Oakland, you aren't crossing the Golden Gate bridge.

    Of course they just wanted to use that lovely bridge in the movie, but still.

  2. I have watched the show a few times and I want to like it but to me it was sorta a flat Northern Exposure.

  3. Yeah, and the house they show at the beginning of the show is really located just outside of Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA. Talk about getting things right! Don't we have some lovely antebellum homes in Alabama that they could use?

  4. This is a hoot! We've watched the show a couple of times, but I've always gotten up and left the room. I can't tell you anything about it. Doesn't resonate with me, I guess.

    My father raised me to catch snafus in tv and movies. Love it when I can find the little forgotten gems. Heehee!

  5. Jean, I know exactly what you mean! Still, better that they have Lemon dressing like a more colorful June Cleaver than someone who would fit in on the People of Wal-Mart site. :-)

  6. I know I commented on this yesterday but it didn't show up. I really dislike bad southern accents on TV shows. Designing Women got it right although most of those actresses were southern anyway. But the one who wasn't nailed the accent perfectly. I guess that's the sign of a good actor, a good dialogue coach or both.