Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, November 29, 2010


I have a dirty little secret.

I don't love Christmas like I should. I don't hate it. It's just that I love the fall and the fall holidays so much that I experience my letdown between Thanksgiving and Christmas instead of after New Year's like many people.

It's just so hard to let it go—the leaves, the pumpkins on my porch, the autumnal arrangements around my house. Not to mention that college football is on its last lap.

And here it comes like a tornado: trees, thousands of ornaments, gift buying, candy making, wrapping, mailing, card writing, neighborhood tour of homes, an appetizer for this, a side dish for that, wine and cheese parties, open houses, afternoon teas, and on, and on, and on.

Do I sound like a scrooge? I'm not. I get into it. I love to buy and give gifts. And as everyone should know, I looooove me some glitter so that's a big plus.

It's just that I long for the Indian corn and gourds in my Waterford champagne bucket. Sure, I could leave them, but that would just be denial.

But I have a ritual that helps me make the transition. On Thanksgiving weekend I always buy a new Christmas romance. Usually it's a Regency. I love those holiday anthologies. This year, however, I didn't see one at my bookstore so I picked up something I saw Eloisa James (one of my favorite authors) recommend on Facebook. It's a contemporary reunion story— The First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde and I am really loving it.

What do you do to help you get in the spirit? And while you're at it give me some Christmas romance recommendations.


  1. I am so not in the mood for Christmas, yet. I don't want to deal with the tree, the decorations, the food... mostly the shopping. I get into the mood by listening to Christmas music. Right now I haven't dragged the CDS out yet but it will help me to get in the spirit when I do.

    I made a pledge last year, while surveying the discarded wrapping paper and mounds of presents, I was not going overboard the next year. I was going to limit myself on each present and not overspend... Well, it's now "next year" and I'm feeling bad about my resolution. I am in a quandary about what to do. I suppose when I get moving I'll forget the resolution... I usually do. I want Christmas to be special for everyone.

  2. I'm with Cheryl. Not in the mood yet, but overwhelmed with the thought of everything. Mostly overwhelmed with the struggle over who to spend Christmas with, what would make everyone happy, etc. And immediately after having that same struggle for Thanksgiving! College kids will be home - will they be happy away from their friends and parties? Which out of state family will travel: us or them?
    Getting the tree up does put me in the spirit. As much work as it is, I love looking at it after it is up! And I like the baking. Thank you, Jean and Cheryl, you have made me think of the parts that I love and helped me get into the spirit!

  3. I'm in denial about it. Every year, I think I'll be more organized and that I'll enjoy the rush and fun of the season. And every year, that's not the case at all. This year, I have a book due - a book that is probably going to be late, which means it takes even more of my December than it did before. Hubby is in his last class of his MBA -- and will be done in about a week, thankfully.

    We put the wreath on the door and the small lit trees on either side of it. That's the extent of it so far. We might get the tree up this week. I'm afraid I'm not going to do well with cards this year. I can already feel it.

    I'm overwhelmed and panicky and ready for January -- because then I get to go on a cruise and spring is around the corner.

  4. I'm a Christmas girl, Jean. I magically transform into a 5-year-old for much of the season. My tree is up before Thanksgiving, and my outdoor decorations are usually up before then as well. I begin Christmas shopping early in the year so that I have most of it done before the season is in full-swing. Can't help it. I'm waiting for new lighted garland and a five-foot nutcracker to arrive to join the festive scene adorning our porch. Ah, love it, love it love it! Love all the fabulous colors, all the magnificent lights. Everything takes on a magical appearance for me.

    I feel your pain, Cheryl, about not going overboard on the presents. We always say that and then do it anyway because we want all the kids to have a wonderful Christmas. That makes it even better for us, too.

    Now all we need is snow!

    I do really like the fall leaves you have in the background (I love fall, too, and Halloween). Beautiful, indeed.

  5. As you all know I don't like cold weather. When the leaves start changing colors and falling I know what's just around the corner...cold temperatures, lots of clothes and never being able to get warm!! But....I DO love Christmas!! I look forward to all the pretty lights, decorations and the spirit of the season. Our tree is up and beautifully decorated. We still have more to do inside and get all the stuff put up on the outside but it should all be finished by next weekend. And today I start listening to Christmas music. Yep, I'm getting there!! :-D

  6. Jean, I sympathize. It really is the football wind down that's doing this to you. Hang in there!

    Cheryl, I always pledge not to go overboard the following year. Good luck with that. LOL!

    Michelle, the holidays do bring up rituals and big decisions. I'm in the same boat. Do we visit? Or not? Love family but sometimes it's fun just to stay home once in a while. ;)

    Lynn, you're farther along than I am on my decorations. Good luck on meeting your deadline! ;)

    Crystal, thanks for complimenting our fall decor. We've been doing some rennovating. Look for Christmas decorations soon. Now that Jean, Cheryl, Stephanie and I are in the mood, we'll come up with something fantastic for you all.

    Crystal, I know you had to forgo all the wonderful Halloween decorations you normally put up. I hope you get to go overboard with Christmas!

    Sherry, your tree is up too? Woe! You and Crystal put me to shame. Enjoy!

    My decorations don't normally go up until after the first weekend in Dec. But since my mom moved in with us and we still have her boxes everywhere, I'm not sure when we'll get things moving along. There simply has to be room. LOL!

  7. My spirits are being boosted by the Christmas music playing in the store, however. I wonder when I'll start getting sick of it? I don't remember feeling that way last year. ;)

  8. Oh, and the perfect way to get into the spirit is to watch the movie, The Christmas Card. Oh, I could watch that over and over again. I highly recommend it. :D

  9. Ooooh Kathy..I love The Christmas Card!!! It was on yesterday but I decided to watch a new one instead and I know it will be on again soon so I'll watch then. :-D

  10. Y'all have talked about so many great ways to get into the Christmas spirit that I don't know that I can come up with different ones but I always really enjoy the Christmas music and getting out all of my Christmas ornaments and remembering the people who gave them to me or the good times that we had as we exchanged gifts together.

    I won't be getting any Christmas out until after Dec. 8 when I finish my grad. classes but just thinking about it has made me smile!

  11. Sherry, I just had to watch The Christmas Card today. And oh yeah! I watched the tail end of it yesterday too. LOL! I LOVE that movie and it always puts me in the mood.

    You'll be graduating very soon, Stephanie! Keep at it. ;)

  12. Hey Everyone--So glad to know I am not the only one having trouble getting there.

    Today I threw away the pumpkins, packed up the autumnal stuff, and hired a kid to rake my leaves. I also made 5 quarts of turkey stock from the carcass. So I'm closer than I was this morning. I have not put away the jack-o-lantern on my dresser. It's in my bedroom and nobody's got any business in there judging me anyway.

    I also still have out Greg Head (my jack-o-lantern wearing a number 12 Crimson Tide football helmet) but I can't put him up until after the Bowl Game. Besides, since the real Greg head got a concussion on Friday, he deserves a little love.

    Lynn--I'm in denial too. You've done better than I have. For reasons, I forgot to order my greenery. I might get thrown off the Old Decatur Board.

    Cheryl--I vow every year not to overdo the buying but I always do.

    Michelle--We'll get there together--just like everything else.

    Crystal--I should have known you were sitting on ready.

    Kathy and Sherry--I have never heard of The Christmas Card. Guess I'm behind.

    Stephanie--You know you are going to hire your decorating done.