Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, November 8, 2010


We have a rule here under the tulip tree. No negative blogs. We figure if we are in a bad mood, it doesn’t do a thing to improve our disposition to put it on paper, and you certainly don't want to hear us whine. Oh, we might go on what we hope is a funny rant about something that annoys us, but no whining, complaining, or "woe is me" because somebody else always has it worse.

That said, I haven't had a stellar weekend. Nothing terrible. No one's sick, hurt, or dead. Everybody who loved me Thursday still does, as far as I know. The writing is even going well. But while I was getting ready to go to Precious Angel's state playoff game Friday night, the dishwasher overflowed. Then Precious Angel's team lost. Then Saturday, my team lost. And there are a couple of trivial things that are annoying me that I won't go into here.

This morning in church, when I should have been thinking about the sermon, I decided I needed some comfort and I was going to get it for myself. These are the things that comfort me:

  • Homemade chicken and dumplings (they have to be mine; mine are best)
  • Flannel pajamas
  • A cup of plain old black Folgers coffee
  • Rereading a favorite book—maybe something by Julia Quinn or Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Then I made myself think about the good parts of my annoyances.

  • Dishwasher—at least the floor got clean.

  • Precious Angel's loss—he and his team comported themselves like gentleman. They lost like winners. The winning team comported themselves like gentlemen. They were gracious winners. The officials comported themselves like gentlemen and the calls were fair.

  • My team—well, it was hard but they also lost like winners. And really, how great is it when your team has such a winning tradition, that you have almost forgotten how to lose?

When it came time for communion, I turned to see a sweet neighborhood boy who I used to have in story time when I was a librarian, being helped into his wheelchair by his father to be rolled to the communion rail. It wasn't supposed to be that way. At nineteen, he was on his way home from work and went to sleep at the wheel. Yet his parents say how lucky they are that he can communicate and sit up in a regular chair. And I am lucky that he smiled and spoke to me this morning and that he made a joke to me a few weeks ago.

Puts it in prospective. But, I'm still going to take a little comfort.There's nothing wrong with that.

What comforts you when you are down?


  1. I am sorry you had a rotten weekend. It seems that when one bad thing happens it causes a snowball effect which only gains momentum as it rolls down the hill - headed straight for you. I have had my share of those weekends or weeks or months but inevitably the worm turns and life goes on. Being a wise woman, you know this.

    That said, my comfort is found in extremely small things. My first is a ratty flannel housecoat. I would die if something happened to it - my hubby gave it to me years ago when we barely had money to eat, let alone have the exorbitance to buy gifts for each other. It is a symbol of love for me and when I put it on I feel safe and secure, better. My next comfort is a ninety-five pound Dobie who lays on me because I am sad. He doesn't understand why Mommy is upset but he's there in case I need him. And last, but certainly not least, having an understanding hubby who listens, makes no comments and tells me that the world will be fine, just wait and see.

    It seems that Life puts things in perspective for us. We are all fortunate in our own ways. Little things bother us but then, being the kind and wonderful person you are, you notice that boy and you find your balance. In the meanwhile, enjoy your chicken and dumplings while I wear my ugly, ratty housecoat.

  2. Sorry to inflict this on everyone here!

    Kathy, Cheryl, Cathy S.--I've sent you all emails in the last 24 hours and they have bounced. Sorry!
    But I am not ignoring you.

  3. I'll see your ratty housecoat and raise you chocolate chip cookies, a cozy pair of flannel pajama pants, hot tea in a pirate cup, a snuggly POTC blanket, Pirates of the Caribbean or Phantom of the Opera movies or a good book, and a good nap, Cheryl. ;)

    Jean, I understand where you've been this past weekend. Every roller coaster dips from the top of the rails. But every roller coaster also soars back into the sky for another exciting, spellbinding trip. Aka look where your team has been the past few years. Precious Angel has his letter and has had a wonderful winning season. ;)

    Your spirits will be lifted once again. Count on it! And from the sound of it, you're doing the right thing by gaining strength from things that comfort you, like good ol' southern friendships.

    (Poppet, I would never think you were ignoring me. :D )

  4. Creature comforts: Jean's chicken and dumplings (well, really just the dumplings), the smell of my granddaughter's baby head, cat purrs and the laughter of my friends. Everything could always be a little bit better, but could be so much worse.

  5. Sorry you had a rough weekend! Sadly -- it happens.

    My comforts: foot-warmer or hammock, depending on the season; chocolate; coffee; my softest blanket; Moonstruck or Shakespeare in Love; grandkids laughing. And sometimes just sitting outside alone and taking a deep breath of fresh air. -- LJ

  6. That was a very sad weekend! It seems to me that you definitely need comfort. How smart to identify the comfort things in your life so they can be quickly called upon! At least the weather cooperated so that hot dumplings and flannels are possible!
    I also, get my flannels out for comfort, but wish I had some that could be worn out in public (although some do wear their flannels in public, I don't - and my college son has an opinion on those that do!).
    Comfort for me, I have discovered, is my nest of blankets on the couch with the tv that is 'mine', while wearing very loose cotton nightwear. I have two dogs on the couch with me, cuddling under the blankets, and a cup of hot coffee. I am also surrounded by my knitting and books and computer. And my hubby can sit on the couch, too, but this is my couch (as opposed to the other couch that he lays on), so I also have control over the remote. My comfort food is pizza either homemade or delivered. I could go on......I suppose this could be a helpful list to compile........

  7. Oh, what a lovely post. I say that because in the midst of those mournful moments when all sorts of things just decide to go wrong--you knew instictively how to deal with it. You didn't lessen the meloncholy, but you dealt with it in such a gracious manner. Oh, how I wish I were that way!

    For me I derive comfort from making a pot of tea, with scones or shortbread (home made!)If things are bad I just withdraw from everyone for awhile, because I need it. If not, I call others to come to tea. (If you haven't received an invite--you will). This is not a time to be miserable, I call people to talk to them, encourage and to laugh. It helps.

    Or I read. (Hmm, go figure! LOL).

    Jean, I love that you make chicken and dumplings..I bake. Yesterday I made french apple cake. I am anxious about a few things...so I do those things that just fill the house with wonderous smells. It centers me.

    Well to all of us that have those moments I raise my cup of tea (or mug of coffee) in salute! :-)

  8. Jean, I'm so sorry you had an unpleasant weekend. But you being you know how to take care of matters and push past it. But it must have been one of those weekends for a few of us. I also made chicken and dumplings this weekend and I see Mary made french apple cake. I seem to have more of these type days during the fall and winter months than any other time. I'm thinking a nice tropical island would be a mighty fine cure. :-D

  9. Whee! Thanks to all of you for stopping by. I've been running errands for my mother-in-law and it's a beautiful day out.

    Kathy, what great cheer up Rx. Tee hee, she called me Poppet! That's also a comfort.

    Cheryl, Balance is important. I once had a a nightgown that I wore all through high school and college. It was originally thick flannel but it wore so thin it was no longer decent. I still have it, though.

    OF--Friends' laughter that's an important one. Can't believe I forgot it.

    LJ--Yes, the doldrums do happen. And luckily, some comfort things help. I always try to remember that I've been on the bad end of stuff that nothing but time helps.

    Michelle--Ah, the nest. I take comfort in sitting in the chair beside the nest. If you have to go out in flannel, do. Just don't let Dominant Twin find it out. He might not be able to stand it.

    Mary--You are sweet. Tea drinkers are so classy. I am not one--which is not to say I don't like a cup of tea. But there are tea drinkers and coffee drainers. I am the later. I come from peasant stock.

    Sherry--Oh, but I love the fall and winter. I'm just a sore loser. I'm glad my team and PA's team showed more class than I could drudge up--though I was only bad in my head.

    Anyway, Roll Tide and Go Raiders.

  10. Oldest Friend, I love the smell of my grandson's heads. Nothing is sweeter than rubbing your cheek on a baby's soft downy hair that's freshly washed. Heaven!

    LJ, how could I have forgotten to mention chocolate. Horrors! I'm partial to sitting outside and feeling the breeze on my skin too.

    Michelle, I love homemade pizza. Growing up we had pizza night every Saturday night. I always looked forward to it and had the same tradition while my kids were growing up. And I so wish I could wear my flannet pants in public!!

    Mary, french apple cake sounds scrumptious! I can smell it now... And let me tell ya', there's nothing better than being invited for tea at Mary's! ;)

    Sherry, oh! the beach with cresting waves pounding the shore. A warm summer sun caressing my face and Cap'n Jack sailing the Black Pearl on the horizon... Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Jean! You are a poppet, poppet. A dear friend and blog mate. Our sojourns under the Tulip Tree are the best part of my day AND a great comfort on any given day. :D

  11. Of course, that would be my 'grandsons' heads. Wouldn't want y'all to think my grandson had two heads. LOL! (How's that for comic relief?)

  12. And to maket his even more delirious, I meant my "grandsons' heads". Geez!

  13. Oh, for crying out loud. 'make this' Arrrr!

  14. THank you for sharing about the gentleman in the wheelchair. This is perspective. I *heart* you for being honest. There is reality. And we can't deny it. And to be honest, I prefer honesty to w... Any rate. Thanks for being real.

    :-) I hope you have a happy Tuesday.

  15. Sorry to be chiming in so late. It looks like you guys covered all the comfort stuff without me.
    I like to wear my comfy p.j.s and read romance books that just take me away from my bad day.
    Oh and burbon is nicd too!

  16. Christine--Thank you! I just heart you period. And I'm never unhappy for long.